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Marty Qualls

West Point, UT
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I'm a lifetime cyclist and my bike addiction began in 1973 when at age 16, I bought my first road bike, a Raleigh aluminum frame ($165 and a summer of wages to pay for it!). Later, during early marriage, my Raleigh frame bent while hauling my son around in his bike seat, so I began road running for the next 15 years (5 and 10k's), but began developing some hip pain. I wanted to stay fit so I bought a Schwinn aluminum frame that I had until the summer of 2011, when I upgraded to my first carbon fiber, a Specialized Tramac. In April, 2014 I again upgraded to "Sweetie", the first bike I ever named, a 2013 Trek Domane.   2013 was a summer of first's for me: I rode part of the Ultimate Challenge in the Tour of Utah (Stage 5 of 6) and rode in my first LOTOJA with my Son, Dustin. I successfully completed my first LOTOJA in 2014 and then on 9/1/15 went down on my bike with a concussion and cracked ribs, so I missed LOTOJA 2015. Fortunately, I was back on my bike a month later and I've been pushing myself ever since! September 29, 2016 was a wonderful birthday party for Lila, my second of 3 perfect granddaughters. After her party it seemed a good idea to ride my normal 34 mile route on Antelope Island. It was getting chilly so I slipped on my leg and arm warmers and with 2/3 of a FAST RECORD SETTING ride under my belt, I was determined do the ride of to W to E causeway segment fast, maybe even a PR? At the top of the last hill before going down to the marina I took a beautiful pic and turned downhill. I was on the way to the West end of the causeway, at 23 mph (yeah I had just looked at my speed) when I saw Gus running on his trail which crosses the highway RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! When I hit Gus it hurt so bad! First my shoulder plowed into his front shoulder. He looked back, we were eyeball to eyeball. I saw his white horn. My shoulder and arm buried into his side and how they contorted I will never know. As I bounced back (luckily I didn't fly over him), the back of my left shoulder hit the pavement. Road rash, dislocated, arm hanging limp by my side. I realized my ankles were hurting and because I really rang my bell, I kept falling down. Over and over. I was stomping my feet as hard as I could. They HURT! Found out later that my left ankle was sprained and my right ankle was broken. I kept stomping my feet and yelling at the top of my lungs that I was so stupid to ride in the dark and alone! I couldn't walk, but where was my phone, I had to find it and call for help. I'll call someone. Took my light of my bike which thankfully was working and shined it up the hill 40 yards and there it was! It was on. NO Cell service! By now it's 9:45.

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Apr 2017
Jan 2018

Current Month

  • 285.6mi
  • 21h 19m
  • 2,182ft


Distance 577.8mi
Time 36h 49m
Elevation Gain 3,356ft
Rides 22


Total Distance 22,370.9mi
Total Time 1341h 11m
Total Elev Gain 525,230ft
Total Rides 595

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