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Jonathan Bell

Jonathan Bell

4:28 PM on Friday, May 24, 2019

Whistler Roundhouse to Whistler Village Trailrun

Date of run: September 9, 2014

Part of the training that I’ve been trying to throw myself at has been lots of running and trail running (in particular). I much prefer running on a trail as a posed to a boring city street.

Last weekend was no exception. I think I had one of the best times running on a trail of my life! This one’s a definite repeat one day!

Taking the Whistler Gondola up (almost) to the top of the mountain and running down via Singing Pass was epic!!! ( The weather was what I’ll call "50/50". That is, 50% of the time I was running in a cloud and the other 50% I had nice clear views and could see where I was heading. While running in a could may not sound like a lot of fun, it was truly an amazing experience. The cloud was thickest when I came to the highpoint of the run at Flute Summit. Running with only 30 feet of visibility and just little rock cairns to guide me was a really surreal experience. No sense of East/West (or up or down!). Something I hope to not soon forget.

From the Whistler Roundhouse to Flute Summit the terrain is just wide open alpine tundra. After Flute Summit, the route drops down to Singing Pass, from there, it’s about another 10km to Whistler Village. I’d say the best part of the route was the “Musical Bumps” section which is between Whistler Roundhouse and Flute Summit. Singing Pass was also very very beautiful.