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Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas

Bend, Oregon
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Professional Triathlete and CEO/Co-Founder of Picky Bars. I'm that dude that races in aviators. Feel free to make fun of me.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 200
  • 400
  • 600
  • 800
  • 1000
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 379.3mi
  • 29h 11m
  • 27,537ft



Distance 5,738.9mi
Time 300h 15m
Elevation Gain 310,636ft
Rides 178


Total Distance 25,130.2mi
Total Time 1482h 28m
Total Elev Gain 1,337,710ft
Total Rides 835

Recent Photos

  • Only one way to start a super cold, crazy choppy swim...FULL SPEED! @rokasports #lifepoints
  • The HILLS are alive...with the sound of disc wheels. #zellkaprun #im703wc #lifepoints
  • Beautiful roads and scenery out here at #im703wc. #soundofmusic #lifepoints #gratuitoustricepshot @redbull @pearlizumiofficial @pickybars
  • Last speeeeed session on the track before heading to worlds! 2x(2x800, 2x400) 2:29, 2:25, 1:09, 1:06, 2:25, 2:17, 1:04, 1:01. Happy feet! Excited to see what they can give me on race day. #trackdaytights @pearlizumiofficial @redbull #wings
  • Who wore it better? @n2photoservices 
@rokasports #solidGOLD #onelook
  • Some hard builds up in the mountains today, my favorite training playground. Less than 4 weeks to 70.3 World Champs! Thanks James for keeping me company and the camera work. #run365 @pearlizumiofficial
  • Nice little warmup run for judging duties @redbullpdx #flugtag! If you're in PDX, don't miss out, 12:45p! #lifepoints
  • My last ride in the mountains for the week. On my way to the NYC Triathlon! Will be at the Accenture booth at 5:30 on Friday if you happen to be around and want to say hi. #lifepoints
  • Hired an in house physical therapist to help with my morning stretching routine. #superadvanced pic: @momodampier
  • 20 min easy today with a few light builds. Next swim is a hard one! #IM703MT @rokasports
  • In case you can't tell, it's pretty hear. @pearlizumiofficial #run365 #lifepoints @pickybars
  • Arrival. Moonlight shakeout. #IM703MT
  • Broke in the new @pickybars custom kit on Mckenzie Pass today! It passed testing with flying neon colors. #lifepoints @pearlizumiofficial @dimondbikes
  • Not gonna lie, things got a little weird on the trail this morning with @fleshmanflyer. #lifepoints
  • Just a triathlete trying to make @timjohnsoncx proud. #roadbike #dirt #sleevedjersey #noaerohelmet #socks
  • @derikespran and Mike stoked on @pickybars first ever demo @wholefoods #inBend! Thanks to the Bend Whole Foods team for giving us a shot! #lifepoints
  • @mattlieto putting in some #work in the mountains today. #pickyteam @pickybars #lifepoints #solidgold
  • 5th day of testing @redbull Endurance Project. Today was two step tests each with 4 min stages from 150 to 380 watts, then 3 min critical power test at 485 watts, all at 9000ft elevation! #suffering #scared #wheredtheO2go #rbhighperformance 
pic @christianpondella
  • Cascade Lakes Highway back open for business.
  • A lake, 3 nerds, and a selfie stick. #solidgold #WildflowerTri #cabin10 #lifepoints @rokasports @redbull
  • Last @dimondbikes prep ride #inbend before heading down to #WildflowerTri. Weather has been redonkulous.
  • Happy #Earthday! Hope some of you got to "clime a mowtin," as Jude likes to say.
  • First time on the MVHS track in 17 years. Spent a ton of hard afternoons here, chasing many dreams and goals. Lots of twists and turns along the ways. Never imagined I'd be back training here as pro athlete in a sport I didn't even know existed back then. Feeling lucky for all the friends and faculty here that helped me along the way. 
And this new surface is quite the upgrade from our rubber on concrete days. Back when we walked to school, in the snow, uphill both ways. #gocougs
  • Lovely day for a bike ride. Awesome scenery. Wish the company was better.
  • #superadvanced
  • Best be gettin in your hill reps before #Wildflower! @pearlizumiofficial #run365
  • Pros know it's important to spend plenty of time getting comfortable in your wetsuit before race day. #protips @rokasports
  • Easy spin to shake out the carnage of this mornings brick. #murica
  • Sunset swim to finish the day! @rokasports #lifepoints #ppfstinsoncamp
  • #lifepoints #solidgold
  • Lava Butte all to ourselves today. #lifepoints @pickybars
  • Trails with Wif = No Joke. #lifepoints
  • Perfect recovery day. At least when @fleshmanflyer agrees to take it easy on me.
  • We have arrived. Dr. Khan and I out for a easy spin in Oceanside. #lifepoints
  • Last @dimondbikes ride at home in an admittedly chaotic prep for #IM703Oceanside. Blog and update coming soon. While it's been a bit crazy, I'm looking forward to putting a stake in the ground, wherever it may lie, to start the 2015 journey. @pearlizumiofficial @pickybars @rokasports @redbull @rolfprima @powertappix
  • My favorite time of day. Hay in the barn.
  • #lifepoints @pickybars
  • Keep your hard days hard and your easy days easy. This pic is for @jordanrapp for appropriately calling me out on posting a big @powertappix power file a few weeks ago. Big day yesterday, this is what happens the day after!
  • #lifepoints
  • Winter of Summer continues #inbend. @pearlizumiofficial #run365
  • Saturday. @dimondbikes @pickybars @redbull @cycleopstagram @powertappix @rolfprima @pearlizumiofficial
  • First trip to Bach with @dimondbikes.
  • Longest run in a long time. All trail with @therickfloyd. #puregold
  • Love that this is less than 2 miles from @pickybars HQ. #lifepoints #lunchrun
  • Thanks @powertappix and shadowman for the view for most of this afternoon. @cycleopstagram #saturdayinthesaddleday
  • #rideagram
  • Beautiful day for some hill reps and to introduce the @dimondbikes to Central Oregon.
  • Got to finish the day on the track where I ran my mile in middle school. Not a bad place to run. @pearlizumiofficial #run365 #lifepoints @pickybars
  • Good to be home. #run365 #lifepoints @jaybirdsport @pickybars
  • Ez 10 to finish the day. Sunset on the last trial was decent. Male modeling services provided by @kevincollington. @purplepatchfitness #konaprocamp #lifepoints
  • Sunrise endurance ride to start the day here @purplepatchfitness Tri camp. Two days to go!
  • All smiles from this group on recovery day spin to breakfast.
  • Purty. #Kona @dimondbikes @pearlizumiofficial @redbull #lifepoints
  • Last run in ABQ. Been a few years since I've had 4 weeks in a row of uninterrupted running. No crazy great workouts but finding confidence in consistency. @pearlizumiofficial #run365
  • First ride on the new whip! Felt fast, stiff, light, and generally amazing. Super stoked. 
It needs a name, suggestions?
@dimondbikes #DIMONDSareforever
  • Got bored on recovery ride so went looking for some dirt. #success #lifepoints
  • Sunset run with my favorite.
  • #run365 on #trail365 @pearlizumiofficial @jaybirdsport
  • One of those runs. @pearlizumiofficial @pickybars @jaybirdsport #run365 #lifepoints
  • Run with Wif as an awesome end to a mini vacation.
  • After 2+ weeks of illness and nagging injuries, I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Solid brick today in ABQ. @pearlizumiofficial #run365 #lifepoints
  • Trying to get home before the big yellow guy goes down. @jaybirdsport @redbull
  • Got some tunes and #wings to get me through today's 3x(7x30 sec HARD). More pain in the cave = less on the course! @redbull @jaybirdsport
  • 37 and sun! #ride365 #lifepoints
  • Cold but gorgeous day #inbend. Can't complain any time you can get in 3+ hrs outside in December. Thanks @stevekanderson for the company and @pearlizumiofficial for the gear to make 38 degrees comfortably rideable. #ride365
  • Snowshoe with the @pickybars crew.
  • Sloppy 10 mi trail run this morning with 5x RnR Marathon champ (all this year) @bbjamin15.
  • Making today's sunshine count! #ride365 #lifepoints
  • Sunday #Runday @pearlizumiofficial #run365 #lifepoints
  • Dirt. 
@redbull @pearlizumiofficial #ride365 #lifepoints @iamspecialized
  • I Like Pie. #FootZoneBend #inbend #turkeytrot
  • Dirt and snow. Amazeballs.

@pearlizumiofficial #ride365 #lifepoints
  • Run today from @pickybars HQ, gonzo. #lifepoints
  • #superadvanced #triathlife #lifepoints
  • Wif run from @pickybars HQ. #cureforcaseofthemondays #lifepoints
  • Sunday Runday #winterwonderland @pearlizumiofficial #run365 @pickybars #lifepoints
  • Morning run from HQ with new @pickybars guy @stevekanderson and newish @mtbriggs. "train with Jesse" is in job description. @pearlizumiofficial
  • @mattlieto in search of his pot o' gold
  • Pretty spectacular fall colors on the Deschutes today. @pearlizumiofficial @pickybars #lifepoints
  • Extreme running with the Wif in the Windy City. @pearlizumiofficial @pickybars #lifepoints
  • @mtbriggs and I road through a Tim Burton movie today, remnants of the Two Bulls fire this summer.
  • Visited an old friend today - Green Lakes Trail. #lifepoints @pearlizumiofficial @pickybars @jaybirdsport
  • Some trail therapy with Wif @fleshmanflyer this morning. #lifepoints @pickybars
  • #lifepoints @iamspecialized @redbull @jaybirdsport
  • #lifepoints @pickybars @pearlizumiofficial @jaybirdsport
  • Happy birthday to my rock star Wif @fleshmanflyer! You inspire me!
  • Want to know what it's like to run with @fleshmanflyer? It's HARD. 
I did her last rep with her of 8x800 (only 30 sec walk rest). We rolled through in about 2:36. Yikes. #birthdaygirl #lifepoints
  • Back at it tomorrow for #im703princeton. Hoping the body still has some Worlds fitness in it to get some extra points and some Jude diaper money. Good luck to all racing! Gentleman's agreement we go easy @jordanrapp @callummillward?
  • Hello from New Jersey! #im703princeton
  • Still my favorite way to finish the day. @pearlizumiofficial
  • Sneaky little camera Wif.
  • There are worse places to swim. @rokasports #im703wc @immonttremblant #lifepoints @pickybars
  • Awesome last ride #inBend before heading out to Mt. Tremblant for the 70.3 World Champs. Been so great to be home for four straight weeks. Love it here. Thanks Gray for the company today!
  • River swim on the Deschutes this morning. #brrrrrrr #inbend #lifepoints @rokasports @pickybars
  • Repetitive, I know, but it was pretty rad out here today.
  • Another awesome day on Cascade Lakes Highway. @iamspecialized @pearlizumiofficial @redbull
  • Solid run session to finish the day. Lots of hard miles put on this trail over the years. @pearlizumiofficial @jaybirdsport
  • Bam. @jordanrapp #barnsbybike
  • One way ride to Dads house. Nice views to finish. @iamspecialized @rolfprima @powertappix
  • On the edge of the world at Lava Butte. #lifepoints @iamspecialized @redbull @jaybirdsport @pickybars
  • Finding ways to keep myself busy on 4 hour easy rides. @iamspecialized @rolfprima
  • I wish all swimming was lake swimming.
  • Digging the new @rokasports goggles!
  • Awesome one way ride from Bend to Cultus today. @iamspecialized @pearlizumiofficial @redbull @rolfprima @powertappix @pickybars #lifepoints
  • Had Cascade Lakes Highway south of Cultus all to myself tonight. @iamspecialized @pearlizumiofficial @redbull
  • Just a little bit epic on my run this morning with @fleshmanflyer near Cultus Lake. #iloveoregon #lifepoints
  • Today's swim: aim for the mountain.
  • Here I come! @rokasports @redbull
  • Used my second workout today to brush up on my bike handling skills. @iamspecialized #shivflips
  • #lifepoints @pickybars @iamspecialized @rolfprima @pearlizumiofficial @powertappix
  • One way ride Mill Valley to Sonoma. Some nice roads in wine country. @iamspecialized @pearlizumiofficial @redbull @rolfprima
  • Some of the vines at Vineman. And a Picky Bar. #703vineman @pickybars
  • Nice trail shakeout in Santa Rosa tonight. #703Vineman on Sunday! @pearlizumiofficial
  • 4th of July ride with @mattlieto @jenluebke. USA!
  • @michaelconeil is happy to be riding in the sun. #inbend @iamspecialized @rolfprima
  • @timjohnsoncx just doesn't get triathletes.
  • Good to be home #inbend
  • @fleshmanflyer & @mellawrence29 go 1-2 at #heavencanwait5k @oiselle
  • So many cameras and mirrors. It's like another dimension. @camp4collective @redbull
  • Missing these two on Fathers Day. Thanks @fleshmanflyer & @limabeanbaby for making me the happiest dad ever!
  • Awesome. #im703mt
  • Always nice chatting with the lovely @mbkessler.
  • #im703mt. Where stuff like this happens.
  • A little course preview with the @purplepatchfitness crew. Nerd alert, I still have my Eagleman 81.3 sticker on.
  • Good morning Mt. Tremblant
  • Eagleman 70.3 Report Report. Missed a turn and rode an extra 11 miles. Bummed, but finished and eventually had fun doing so. On the bright side, I believe I am the 81.3 champion. Thanks Steve Venett for the photo.
  • Chased the wif @fleshmanflyer around the River trail this morning. She's even faster than I remember!
  • Last jog and strides before #im703eagleman. Here we go!
  • #im703eagleman bike preview. Flat, fast... and pretty.
  • Pretty stoked to hop on this guy. Eagleman 70.3 on Sunday! #shiv #ronaldmcdonald #herewego @iamspecialized @rolfprima @powertappix @shimano @redbull @pickybars
  • Happy #nationalrunningday! @pickybars @pearlizumiofficial #pickylife
  • That was fun. #mckenziepass
  • Elk Lake cruise on the Tarmac @iamspecialized
  • Seriously spectacular ride today to elk lake with the Rick.
  • There high schoolers in Mill Valley have it rough.
  • Trails.
  • Last big long course set before #Wildflower. @rokasports
  • In the pain cave today @redbull high performance camp. 4x5 min strong followed by 4k TT all out. ROUGH!
  • Tough one around Sunriver Bachelor loop today. Required the @pearlizumiofficial Superhero kit. @redbull @pickybars @iamspecialized
  • RARRRR! 
#Repost from @fleshmanflyer with @repostapp ---
  • Yes please. @iamspecialized @jaybirdsport @redbull @pearlizumiofficial
  • Awesome first ride post #wildflower, Deschutes River @iamspecialized MTB spin with @pickybars peeps @pqoneil & @annakalbrener. #pickylife
  • We have arrived. The new T1 run at #wildflower.
  • That wasn't very nice, @mattlieto. #clearlyNOfilter
  • First time running off the bike this year. 5x3 min. 4 miles total. Should be all set for a half ironman right?
  • 8.5 miles, longest run in 14 weeks. Cautious optimism...
  • Easter Brunch, here I come.
  • Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend! @iamspecialized @redbull
  • Thanks @jaydicharry @reboundphysio #inbend for the biomechanical running analysis today. Incredibly valuable tool! @pearlizumiofficial
  • Long way to go still bit psyched to finally be doing a bit of this again. @pearlizumiofficial
  • Today, we went hard.
  • Monday afternoon ride with @pickybars peeps @pqoneil & @betsyannflood. Betsy's maiden voyage on her new @iamspecialized!
  • The best part is not the sun, the trail, or even @mattlieto's jump. It's his celebration at the end.
  • #mountains #inbend
  • Friday easy swim w/ @rokasports #simshort
  • Smith Rock long ride = two thumbs up. 
#pickylife @iamspecialized @rolfprima @pickybars
  • Unfortunately, I think this bus where we turn around. @jaydicharry
  • Yo! My buddies @iamspecialized are hosting a cycling festival and fondo at their HQ on May 10 w/ @bicyclingmag. Riding with legends, good food, local beer, etc. I've head their rides are the best and can say from experience that the HQ and wind tunnel is worth checking out for sure. for more info and to sign up. #bicyclingspringclassic #iamspecialized.
  • Just another day on the trails #inbend. @iamspecialized
  • Right back at ya, @nicksymmonds  #aviatorselfie #ridehappy
  • Mountains. #inbend 
@pickybars @iamspecialized @pearlizumiofficial @gopro
  • 2hr session in the @iamspecialized #WinTunnel! Awesome support from a great company!
  • Awesome ride in SF again today. @redbull #gopro #TTselfie
  • Twin Peaks w/ @iamspecialized