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Ed Hess

Fort Worth, TX
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Why run (September 10, 2013) Waxing philosophical today: Once again I set out to ramp up my run. When I tallied my data for today I delighted in reaching a minor milestone on the road map of improvement. It reminded me again of why I run. I have always contended the only good thing about running is stopping. Okay, a bit of humor but truth for many. So why? God, in His Majesty, created man, not only to survive but to thrive, even in adversity. He created man to have life abundantly. The path of least resistance is easy and the object of many modern pursuits but holds no life when sustained. Life is in the journey, the climb, the struggle not the destination. Improving ones running; running longer, harder, faster, smarter is a desperate struggle and always flirts with the potential of injury. Repeated, demoralizing defeat is certain as well. Almost everything of value carries some risk. I think I must do it though because it also gives me opportunity for victory. Perhaps it pacifies the suppressed warrior in me. Of course the victory is only over myself. George Sheehan said “It's very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit.” It doesn't matter. There are almost no opportunities for achievement in this modern American life of suburban mediocrity let alone any for a victory. Running gives a shot at both. Unfortunately, the aging process is always there to rob and destroy. At some age the curve of genetic potential peaks and then only declines. I have crossed that divide. I know I may not make it back to any former glory yet I am driven onward in a nebulous quest to defy age and achieve both optimum genetic potential at this place in time and fulfill in life all that God created me to be. In the movie "Chariots of Fire" Eric Liddell said "when I run I feel His pleasure." Of course I am not as fast as Eric Liddell. I do not have his genetic potential. I do share with him the heart of the King, Creator of the universe and Author of both our potentials. I have adopted Eric’s words and I add that it is good. So, for me,"I feel God's good pleasure when I run." That is life!

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Current Month

  • 9.3mi
  • 3h 0m
  • 425ft

All-Time PRs

  • 23:47
  • 47:17
  • 1:11:20
  • 1:38:38
  • 3:33:24


Distance 44.5mi
Time 13h 51m
Elevation Gain 1,693ft
Runs 19


Total Distance 4,657.7mi
Total Time 734h 13m
Total Elev Gain 97,303ft
Total Runs 667

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