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Elle Anderson

Elle Anderson

9:32 PM on Thursday, September 21, 2017   •   Edited

Cyclocross in the heat?

Today's training is rest.

It's imperative that I get up from the couch as little as possible and stay out of the humid heat outside. Tomorrow the racing continues in Waterloo, Wisconsin. The 14:30 race is going to be a scorcher at 32°C or 90°F.

It was also hot in Iowa City last week for the first round of the World Cup. Luckily, the temperatures for Sunday's race were bearable and not outrageous. I don't usually race well in the heat (hence why I'm a cold weather CX racer). Nevertheless, I must strategize how to get through the next 3 days of unusual cyclocross weather.

Do as little as possible.
The heat makes everything feel harder and makes me sweat even more. I try to arrive as late as possible to the race venue and stay out of the sun too.

Do an easier warmup.
Anything extra just uses additional energy that I can't use in the race. Just spinning the legs is usually enough and if I get out for a lap on course I keep it super chill.

Pace myself.
In high temperatures it's so much easier to go into the red zone of danger with both heart rate and pace. This can only lead to tough situations like headaches, silly mistakes and fumbles on course, as well as fading back with slower lap times as the race goes on. Start conservatively and get a sense for the effort that's doable and sustainable for 40-50 minutes.

See you in Waterloo!

📷 by Snowy Mountain Photography

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Snowy Mountain Photography