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Elle Anderson

Elle Anderson

7:51 PM on Sunday, October 8, 2017   •   Edited

The Belgian life

Celebrating the first two weeks in Belgium and the first two Euro races of the season in pictures:

I arrived in Belgium on September 26th to this: Oostende on a perfect fall day, the sea in its signature steel grey. It’s so peaceful and almost completely empty on a weekday.

Right next to the waves is an amazing place to ride. The sand is hard for the most part and it’s fun to dodge waves. The beach goes on and on uninterrupted, until it’s time for some trails...

A notable sign that forbids walkers and horseback riders. Only cyclists for this path through the dunes.

Just one beer to celebrate my arrival in 🇧🇪 at my favorite spaghetti restaurant.

The church of the dunes (De Duinen Kerk) where most of my training rides start. A lovely sunset spotted on my second night in Oostende.

The week flew by and all of a sudden I was on the start line in Gieten, The Netherlands. A super fun course and a solid result (4th) to kick off my European campaign. 📷 Balint Hamvas of Cyclephotos

It may be hard to believe this picture is also from the same course in Gieten. From sand to mud, it was a epic course due to lots of rain from the day before.

This past Saturday I raced at the Brico cross in Meulebeke. I loved it - from the BMX rollers to the misty cold rain to the Belgian fans. I felt right in my element.

There’s something special about the start lines in Europe. Part of it is the atmosphere, the announcer speaking Dutch and the general feeling that I associate with a Belgian cross. Or maybe it’s lining up with the World Champ every weekend. Or maybe it’s the TV cameras right in our faces before every start that makes me feel a sense of celebrity...

I raced to the max for a 5th place finish. That empty feeling that is so uniquely cyclocross.

Up next is Superprestige Zonhoven where you can find me and my new rider cards!