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Paul Marshall

Paul Marshall

San Jose, CA
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Trying to climb without dying!

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 90
  • 180
  • 270
  • 360
  • 450
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 16.7mi
  • 1h 30m
  • 1,339ft

Recent Achievements

  • KOM on 1/2 College
  • KOM on Oak Drive Climb
  • 2nd overall on Hernandez climb
  • 6th overall on Fouglas' Sprint


Distance 1,199.7mi
Time 83h 55m
Elevation Gain 96,375ft
Rides 67


Total Distance 12,568.1mi
Total Time 982h 53m
Total Elev Gain 1,260,984ft
Total Rides 643

Recent Photos

  • They say Orange is the new cool!  They also say it means small man parts. I will go with cool though.
  • Stupid hot out here!
  • New trails for me today!
  • Not a bad way to be getting paid today!  Police recruit course recon we have titled it.  Otherwise called a training officer fun ride!
  • Left you a tube Rick, just in case.  Ride on buddy, miss you.
  • Ready to go!  Must be pro demo days
  • Bruce and I cruised to the top of Donner.
  • Whale bones.  Milk does a body good I guess.
  • Wish the sights were better.
  • 17 years today married to this lady! ❤️
  • Rio del mar
  • Little buckaroo!
  • Went here as a kid t get Xmas trees.
  • Made blackberry my huckleberry!
  • JNT!
  • Rode by nerdapalooza!
  • Choo Choo!!!
  • Cute little guy!
  • Now what to do? There goes my afternoon!
  • Start of palomares rd
  • That device in his ankle is a whole different type of GPS!!! Must be Dept. of corrections field trip day!
  • Well if you insist!
  • The government is controlling our weather!!! Omg!
  • Calfee bikes
  • When a man flies a plane he sits in the cockpit.  When a woman is flying, it is known as the?????
  • The Easter bunny needs a proctologist stat!
  • A tree grows through it.
  • Hidden bike
  • He fake charged me!  Think I pee'd me pants a bit!
  • The home of my buddy and Red Bluff PD officer killed in line of duty.  D.A.R.E. Ofc. Dave Mobilio, you're not forgotten.
  • Hello MTB!
  • Crossed the finish in first place of my own race!! Feels so good to be a winner!! Please acknowledge the essence of what this pic captures, pure dreaming!
  • Sometimes a shampoo and trim at 3am just feels right.
  • A true shame!
  • Hill climb time!
  • Santa Motopacing!
  • Enduro 650!  Feels like a lazy boy recliner
  • Tried for Saratoga to Los gatos KOM, we shall see.
  • The painter of light. I didn't care for his painting style but I guess people thought it was good.
  • Seriously?  Did this car come back from Midas muffler shop?  No, it has noise abatement pipes for track days :(
  • Beautiful!
  • Pre no-dab attempt after a 20/40 attempt up Kennedy.  Won't know if I did 20/40 till I get home. No-dab will be immediate!
  • Slayed that b$tch!!!!!!!!!!!! 34/36 in the 1x10!!!!'
  • My shadow got to the top first!
  • No deep dish here!
  • No aero bars
  • Documenting no skin suit or aero helmet.
  • Holy crap that hurt!!!
  • El machino de speedo!
  • Top of soda springs
  • Who lives here?
  • Was about to jump in too! Darn
  • Alviso crit start- the sky east looks fine.
  • The west sky looks ominous!
  • Doesn't roll very well in this condition!
  • Rolling dirty!
  • Post ride gelato!
  • F#%k Yeah!
  • Killing it!!!!
  • You too can have a huge one for only $495!!! Call now and get a free set of balls too.
  • Dick,duck, goose? Geese?
  • Ya think?
  • Same car-just a scratch!
  • RIP
  • What a view!
  • Here kitty kitty
  • Ok if you insist
  • In the middle of Lexington reservoir where there is a road!
  • Uh?????? Give me a sec.....
  • WhY the smug look?
  • Villa montalvo
  • Castle in the sky.
  • Amber waves
  • This guy just got word that he kicked cancer in the teeth!! Cancer free!
  • Rainbow ct.  I don't see any rainbow!
  • Been too long for me to come up here!  Pretty cool
  • What a day!
  • Wife's uncle lives in the clouds on "on Orbit" drive.  Made it without stopping in 39/26 ratio. It was a grind!
  • Dear Buddha, please help me climb this steep b$tch of a road!
  • Little outcropping at ST that I have never been to.
  • Mendenhall glacier!
  • There it is.
  • The snow melted right before I got there! Damn
  • Bonk!
  • The reverend Hamilton!
  • Your 68 year old nemesis!!!
  • Takuya almost!!!! You did super well dude for first time!
  • Not the playboy mansion grotto! Darn!!!
  • The gap
  • Top of Mt. Hamilton
  • Da bomb!
  • The come back trail is a tough one!
  • Overlook!
  • Hidden little road
  • Finally able to pedal!
  • The end of my race!
  • Finished race with one leg!
  • Exploring and found weird park!
  • Inner city woods
  • Hawk
  • Slow deer crossing?  Like slow as in "family tree doesn't fork" slow or fat and lazy? Concerning.
  • Fluffy!
  • Take me with you!!!!!
  • Choo Choo
  • A little fixer upper!
  • His new ride! I picked it up in San Diego for him. He loves it!
  • Lunch with pops!
  • Lonely little guy
  • Just a portion of missing skin
  • Power zapping sand!
  • These guys that do this are nuts! Wish I had a pair, oh well.
  • Garmin was mystified!
  • Dirty thoughts
  • New freckles!!!!
  • Computers galore!
  • My glove just fell that way! Think it is telling Mother Nature something.
  • The Jesuit lookout
  • Got shocked taking this pic!
  • Bite the 35lb bullit!
  • Epic
  • shifter mustache selfie!
  • Yup- stuck in the next to hardest gear!
  • Crap!
  • I got it!
  • 49ers new home
  • Xmas balls of light!
  • Bumbles bounce!
  • No trick photography! This bastard is huge!!!!!!!!
  • My dream house!
  • Hello Steve Wozniak!
  • St joes just over the fence!
  • My dad would be perfect for this!
  • Olympic ice skater Peggy Flemming vineyard for sale.
  • Is mr baggins home?
  • My shadow has been working out!
  • Ice ice baby!
  • On Sierra rd. beautiful sunset tonight.
  • Mooooooooo