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Andrew Terker

Uznach, SG, Switzerland
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A little over 4 years ago I had a severe accident with a mountain bike I was testing and nearly died. Apparently, I was actually clinically dead for a short period of time because I had a full-blown near-death experience while I was "gone." One of the results of this experience was that I began to devote myself much more seriously to cycling and to train diligently. I began riding alpine passes with my wife. Some 11 months after my accident, my wife and I rode from Lake Geneva to the French Riviera over some of the highest mountain passes in the Western Alps, something we have repeated in one form or another every summer since. I have now turned 65. I see advancing age as no reason whatsoever to slow down. On the contrary, I bought a power meter last winter and am concentrating on increasing my power and, through it, speed and distance. Life without progress is no fun for me. One of the things that I "brought back" from the near-death experience was the realization that all boundaries are an illusion.  But: going beyond boundaries in the physical? It's all a matter of belief. If I believe that age creates a physical limitation, then I will have that sort of experience. If I allow myself to release that belief, I will discover that my so – called physical limitations as a result of age are illusion. This is the experience that I have had over and over again in the last 4 years. I come up against what at first seems to be a kind of "wall." And then, the "wall" disappears, and I am able to go faster and for longer distances. I find the kind of "trip" that I am on very exciting, for new discoveries are around the corner every single day.  By  following my entries  in Strava I invite you to join me! ----------------------------- Photo Tips Many of my Strava friends have asked me how I take the photographs I have been including in the tours that I upload to Strava. Here are a few things that you can do to improve the photos you take with your smartphone quickly and easily.  Currently, I am using an iPhone 6, so the apps I present here are from the Apple Store. If you use a smartphone other than an iPhone, you may have to do a little research on your own to get the same kind of effects. Camera+ I rarely use the iPhone’s camera app. Camera+ not only gives me much more control of focus and exposure but also allows me to do quite a bit of post-processing directly and quickly in the app. Most important to me are the sliders in the “Contrast Pro” menu. These allow me to make the photos easily and quickly. Camera+ also includes a digital image stabilizer, which makes working without a tripod at slower shutter speeds possible.  Instaflash Pro This app gives me the ability to create depth of field within an image by blurring out part of the image, enables me to fine-tune the exposure and vibrancy even more and to adjust skin tone in portraits.  AutoStitch This app allows me to create panoramas with much more control and freedom than in the iPhone’s native camera app.  Various HDR apps I use a variety of HDR apps for extreme lighting conditions or when I want to create HDR in the photos. Here, again, I find the iPhone’s native camera app too primitive. One note: post-processing the photos in the smartphone takes a little bit of time. The best way for most people will be to do the work in the apps at or toward the end of the ride when you take a break. This will also ensure that your smartphone has enough battery charge left, because the work in the processing apps uses quite a bit of current. 

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 190
  • 380
  • 570
  • 760
  • 950
Nov 2017
Jan 2018

Current Month

  • 255.6km
  • 18h 9m
  • 3,567m

Recent Achievements

  • PR on St. Josef Climb
  • PR on St. Josef Climb
  • 2nd fastest time on Robidoc-Sprint
  • 2nd fastest time on St. Josef Climb


Distance 6,012.5km
Time 372h 45m
Elevation Gain 77,611m
Rides 225


Total Distance 35,333.2km
Total Time 1939h 16m
Total Elev Gain 447,148m
Total Rides 1240

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