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Payson McElveen

Payson McElveen

Durango, CO
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Pro mountain bike cowboy with Competitive Cyclist, semi-pro Boggle player. Home is Durango, CO. -Member USA Cycling National Team '10-'14 -Member team USA Pan American Games 2014 -5x USA Cycling National Championship podium finisher -4x National Champion with Fort Lewis College -6th 2014 Texas US Cup/ProXCT -Best Young Rider 2014 Trans-Sylvania Epic, stage 4 win, four stage podiums -6th 2014 USA Cycling National Championships U23 -12th 2014 ProXCT #6 Wisconsin -14th 2013 Elite STXC National Championship -1st 2013 100 Millas del Punta a Punta stage race

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 260
  • 520
  • 780
  • 1040
  • 1300
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 224.2mi
  • 13h 46m
  • 17,469ft



Distance 8,030.8mi
Time 540h 48m
Elevation Gain 670,023ft
Rides 314


Total Distance 36,615.1mi
Total Time 2407h 32m
Total Elev Gain 2,682,149ft
Total Rides 1355

Recent Photos

  • Reppin' @bikeflights on that early morning school grind.
  • Why only ride in the rain once per day, when you can do it twice! There were silver linings. Gradually tricking this guy into training again. #tastetherainbow #doubledays #favoritetrainingpartner #rainbow
  • Sometimes you've just gotta blaze your own trail. Guess that tape across the ground was supposed to be ridden over! ????
Oops. Made for an extra challenging short track race, and some extra passing practice. #collegiatecycling #notmybrightestmoment
????: Jaren Lockwood
  • A) roommates B) long lost training buddies C) one of us rides for a Dutch road team D) all of the above
  • Track is a good time. So crazy fast. We just finished our team pursuit warm up with "lighter gearing" at 30-34 mph. Going through a turn at that speed is pretty darn cool. Can't wait to see what race speed feels like. Still haven't found the A-line drop though...
  • The most well-tanned cyclist in the bunch @seppkuss and the Big Boi of mountain biking @ryanstandwich sending it here in Windham.
  • Awesome singletrack > more course laps. Showed @competitivecyclist and @usacycling teammate @ellenlikesbikes one of the best trails I've ever ridden. Flowy, fast, east coast tech at its best. #growMTB
  • Tough day for team USA. Howard and Keegan held it down for the Americans though with 2nd and 10th! I managed to go down hard on Beatrice, and ended up with 7 stitches in my shin. It should have been more, but I left too much skin on the rocks. This race is so unforgiving. 10 practice laps no problem, but a totally different ball game on race day. Banged up, but honestly looking forward to another shot in Windham next weekend. Big thanks to @usacycling for the awesome support.
  • Having a fun recovery day shredding around the uber-flowy Quarry trails here in ATX's sister city. #growMTB @competitivecyclist @reynoldscycling
  • One of these days. Just trying to get through. Some times the workout isn't too hard on paper, but bad legs can make it one of the biggest struggles so far this year. Nothing a little liquid caffeine courage can't get me through. #thankgodforgasstations #liquidcourage #funnylegs
  • Here they are, my race whips for 2015! Massive thanks to @competitivecyclist, @jsager, and @yeticycles. Also to @reynoldscycling, @srammtb, @raceface604, @fizikofficial, @chriskingbuzz, and #magurabrakes. The ASR weighs in at 22.3 lbs with pedals, bottle cage etc. I haven't weighed the ARC yet, but it's easily under 20 lbs. #stokelevelhigh #growMTB
  • Just another glorious evening with this one. #eartheveryday #growMTB
  • Up early after a sleepless night, and time to get after stage 2! The real race starts today, with 40 miles and 6,000 feet vertical of some seriously challenging terrain. @competitivecyclist ready to bring it! #growMTB
  • So, so good to be home. No headphones, no heart rate monitor, no ride plan, just riding. Something I don't get to do often enough these days. #growMTB
  • Finishing up this training block with yet another awesome MTB adventure. Deserts of Moab and snow-covered high country in the same week! 23 hours and 30K of climbing for the last 7 days and the legs are feeling great. Bring on @transsylvania! #TSEpic #growMTB
  • Durango got whacked by a random snow storm, so we went to Moab! Had so much fun shredding the @vittoriatires Mezcal III's on some slickrock. #TSEpic prep is going great. #growMTB
  • Preferred road bike terrain.
  • Who says hardtails are only for going fast uphills? I've been rocking the 2.25 @vittoriatires Peyotes on my @yeticycles ARC lately to help keep the skills sharp. The dirt was PERFECT today, and fellow @vittoriatires athlete Rotem Ishay and I made the most of it. 4 hours of loam I didn't know Durango even had. @competitivecyclist #growmtb
  • Head over to Facebook for all the details. It was an epic one, not necessarily for all the right reasons. Another day on the grind! 
#Repost @biketuhl with @repostapp.
Marathon nationals in the books. Feeling pretty wrecked but nothing a post race Pb&j won't fix. #growmtb #mtb @competitivecyclist
  • Bit of extra training motivation today. I like this jersey, and want it for another year. With the amount of talent coming to @transsylvania in 2015, it will no doubt be an even tougher fight. @competitivecyclist #growMTB #TSEpic #singletracksummercamp
  • Thanks @bikeflights for getting my road bike here safely so I could enjoy the #hillcountry in full bloom for a few days. #nofilter #bluebonnets #atx #growMTB
  • How do you cheer up a sick, lonely (and upside down?) @wzellmer in Europe? FaceTime him from your bluebird morning spin in Durango of course! #sorrybud #europeishard #hanginthere
  • Max, you might have to give up your glasses. #cuteasabutton #demlegsdoe #womancrusheveryday
  • It has come to my attention that some believe in order to be a good bike racer, you can't enjoy food. Bread free, sugar free, fat free... food free? I will now observe a moment of silence on their behalf, while enjoying this massive hunk of sugar-covered gluten. #humanpoweredhealth #earnthecalories #burnthecalories #happinesswatts
  • Just can't stay away. #dirt #addiction
  • Today's "road ride" may have gotten a little out of hand. Sorry bike. #adventure #mountainbikeratheart
  • #whitesockwednesday
  • #tossbacktuesday to when Gila puppy was demonstrating how he gets the ladies. #dog #ridgeback #charmer #imisshim #tbt
  • Sometimes you can study the map and still not know what you're getting yourself into. Harnessing my inner @seppkuss and taking road bikes places they're not supposed to go. #wheresmymtb #lastdayintucson #makingitcount #pleasedontletmeflat
  • What a day on Mount Lemmon. It's impossible to do this climb justice with a single picture, as it is so varied. 2,000 feet and Saguaros at the bottom, and 9,000 ft, Aspens, and snow covered roads at the very top. Feeling less unfit everyday, but plenty of work to do still.
  • Nasty weather, but pretty sweet (and hard!) gravel grinder route. Sometimes I feel like the endless Texas rollers are tougher than the long climbs of Colorado. #Texas #hillcountry #gravelgrinder #cross #Austin2015
  • Not much glory in the grind, but the grind is necessary to achieve glory... or something. I was cold on the way up, let alone way down. #work #noexcuses #grindingteeth #frozenrichardsrainwater
  • #hooked
  • Expose yourself. #nofiltrations #mtb #visitdurango #thestraightandnarrow #ittakesasteadyhand
  • @jennemerick told me to meet her in 20 to go for a bike path spin. I got to her house and searched high and low. Then I went to the back yard and spotted a very suspiciously shaped hammock.
  • There will be a lot of sunset Instagram heroes in Durango tonight.
  • Bonus round
  • A pretty alright day to make some trainings up a large hill. #nofilter #getupdurrrrr #missioncollegiatenatz #iamspecialized
  • A little evening shoot for an upcoming @austinfit feature on the technology of MTB race bikes. Look for it in the coming months! #visitdurango #ATX
  • In case you were wondering, the answer is yes. She is training. Be afraid ladies of MTB! #40mph #silverton #sanjuanmountains
  • Woke up early and made a quick ascent of Engineer. Just over an hour parking lot to summit. Almost caught the sunrise, then took a 2 hour nap in the sky. @flccycling @oakley @srammtb
  • I found Titaniboa!
  • I went for a really fern spin this evening. Learning the world by bike.
  • Good morning Atlantic.
  • Sometimes I wonder about the science behind a pre-race morning spin, but it sure is important mentally. This morning I was reminded how much I love a simple road ride. It was quiet, save for the handful of hardworking farmers going about their morning routines. I aspire to work as hard as they do--getting up each morning and living in the moment. Earning little in cash, but much in every other way. This is the dream.
  • This is Missoula, Montana.
  • This little guy crawled up next to my Pa yesterday to help cheer me on up the interval hill of death. What a picture he got! @ruddiepeg can you identify? #nofilterbecausethisisrealphotography #centraltexas #hillcountry #spurs
  • A little fun with @zegermanbs on stage 4 as we lie in wait at the back of the group. Being fit is fun. #tsepic #tsepicu25 #allforone #rs1
  • Breakfast meeting with @themaxfactory. Talking big life decisions and the apocalyptic black cloud of weather we're about to ride our bikes into. #whatevertheweather #makethetrainings #breadbakery #themaxfactory
  • April showers bring May flowers. And May winds bring snow, or so it seems. The trees are dropping their flowers, and the petals are filling the air and building up in big banks all around. #durango #springtime #observingthemicro
  • Some still hanging on. #nofilter
  • Just Durango, ya know? #nofilter #iamspecialized #sram #rockshox #richardsrainwater
  • I know that guy! Thank you Durango Herald for being interested in my story, and doing a solid job! #durango durangoherald #newspaper #coverstory #richardsrainwater
  • Oh snap! RS-1 in da house. So stoked to get the opportunity to race this amazing Rock Shox fork this year. I haven't been this excited about a new product in quite a while. #rockshox #sram #rs-1 #everythingchanges
  • #Repost from @pactimo_official with @repostapp --- @paysonmcelveen stopped by the Pactimo tent at #seaotterclassic. Wrist brace coming off soon and he'll be back in single track action.
  • #tbt to 2013 #seaotterclassic with RMCF Devo. Touring rich-people homes in Carmel By The Sea. The good ol' days.
  • Yo skiers, check my tan lines.
  • Look Mom! I can ride my bike with both hands! First noticeable wrist improvement. #bouttime
  • Evening bushwhack adventure with Willy, How Hard, and Rosie.
  • Squeezing some photoing into a busy week, with the talented @peglegmegs and Brian. Luckily her shots will be better than mine. #staytuned #bartoncreekgreenbelt
  • Gonna miss big mile Hill Country rides. Cheers to a solid preseason of training, and I'll see you longhorns and quiet roads again winter 2014.
  • New kits won't quite be in by MJ ProXCT, but @Pactimo hooked it up with this sweet one in the interim. #pactimo #iamspecialized
  • Good ol' Rim Rock Tr. #texas
  • #gooddraft
  • Seemed like a hint... so I got out for the first Greenbelt shred of the year. #morelikeasafari #riverrunninghigh
  • Next year's kits are gonna look gooood. Stoked to be partnering with #pactimo! #2014
  • Haven't done this in forever. #kneeinjury #ididntdrown #missmybike
  • Yep! That thing is there for you two! #Gila and #Juno #partnersincrime #puppies #ridgebacks
  • Pretty stoked on my ride for next year. Cutting edge frame design. #slumberparty
  • Pre-ride action with @gmoney_specialsauce and Stephanie aka Davoust. Kind of like the apocalypse here in NC. #icetrees #socold
  • Bit of fun new trail today thanks to this goofball @slampsonite
  • Did a bit of cattle herdin' up on Hermosa Creek and Dutch Creek today. Where was the cowboy hat when I needed it?
  • Made the most of the canceled collegiate race, and went for a little tour de Durango overlooks. Just scratched the surface.
  • Rotem hasn't even touched his gift from China yet. How rude.
  • Checking out a bit of the course here in Puerto Rico. You ride down a river for a while. #puertorico #adventure
  • Got a little epic this morning up in the high country. Last ride with Seppy for a while.
  • Evening skills practice in @coltmcelwaine's hood. Rocks + roots + water = awesome.
  • Hors Categorie climb up to Endlich Mesa, on this bumpiness. This is hard. #iworkout
  • Coffee shop day for a non-coffee drinker.
  • Enjoying a @honeystinger waffle way up on missionary ridge.
  • Dry Fork!
  • Riding with the El Grupo kids this morning.
  • RMCF and Jamis morning ride on the CO trail.
  • New teammate Stephan getting his nose manual on for the camera.
  • HB sharing the wisdom @RMCF_Devo
  • Slippin' and slidin'
  • Not always sunshine and rainbows. Stuck pushing the knobbies on the road.
  • Finishing up a solid day at Flat Creek Ranch with a nice outdoor shower.
  • #nofilter
  • Well that got epic rather quickly. #thesnowfollowedus
  • Gonna be a good day
  • Pretty quick getting down to Aztec today. Pretty sure tailwind on the way home too! #lifeisgoodwhenthelegsaregood
  • Living the dream
  • Ribbon rallyin'
  • Rotem only drinks one cup of coffee per day...
  • Current situation
  • Yampa's feeling the altitude
  • View from Raiders Ridge
  • Cruising down Main with the ENTIRE @devodurango crew
  • Christbear
  • Yeah whatever man, just make yourself at home
  • My name is Rotem, and this is my stick
  • Chasing a couple horse jockeys up a big hill
  • At the top of said big hill
  • You never know what you're going to score from the team free box. Chad assures me it's brand new
  • Gloves are nice for when you punch a tree really freaking hard
  • Got brainy at school today
  • Rotem's jeans had a mechanical
  • These puppies ought to be money for tomorrow's 1 hr shorttrack, er 'cross race
  • Mike and Skyler off the front. Skyler is so good when he's on his game. Leaves for Europe soon. Good luck buddy.
  • Clear lenses kind of day. @oakley
  • Lap dog?
  • I wish every January day was like this in Durango. Spotted the German up there too!
  • Big thanks to Darian at MBS for getting the bike turned around in record time so that I could do this today!
  • Chillin with Colton in Reed Library. @RMCF_Devo
  • Guest in physiology class stoked on ATP Synthesis
  • Cold winter wonderland up on Mayday.