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Janeen McCrae

Janeen McCrae

Capitola, California
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Rode across the USA in 2010. Still won't shut up about it. Ride bikes. Can't stop. Won't stop. Work at the Big S. Bikes rule! The End.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 180
  • 360
  • 540
  • 720
  • 900
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 192.3mi
  • 15h 56m
  • 14,742ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Bottom of West Ridge to Top of SDF
  • 2nd fastest time on La Quinta Commute
  • 2nd fastest time on Sand Point to Santa Rosalia
  • 2nd fastest time on Loma Prieta Railroad Grade Climb


Distance 6,150.5mi
Time 503h 42m
Elevation Gain 450,879ft
Rides 259


Total Distance 41,893.9mi
Total Time 3369h 47m
Total Elev Gain 2,647,933ft
Total Rides 1653

Recent Photos

  • Youfo #commutelove
  • And they say it's impossible to find affordable housing in California. #futurehome
  • A taste of Takao. #beerkickingin @j_takao
  • Small obstacle #cruxlove
  • Looks like peeps be skidding when they blast round the corner and see this (I was coming up so barrier hop) #cruxlove
  • Manzanita row
  • "Honestly, I don't feel a thing" Sums up today's ride.
  • I'm torn between the pig ear and the bully stick.
  • Pre-ride kickstart
  • Rita found butterfly wings by the side of the road and they matched her perfectly!
  • Pigs on a leash! (There are two here)
  • Someone made a friend #pigpal
  • Pumpkin Butter gets in front of this show pony whenever she can. Held her own on San Jose/Soquel descent. Just tucked in and woohoo-ed. 38s FTW!
  • Third year doing #rpi100 First time I've seen snow here.
  • These two. #rpi100
  • The Langster, Cruxin' hard in Nevada. #cruxlove #rpi
  • Griddle
  • Just when I think I've forgotten it, the Dirty Kanza finds a way to remind me of that day (haven't worn these in a while I guess, and first ride on Pumpkin Butter since is about to go down) #dk200
  • Pumpkin season! Climbing trees and skippin sticks with @santiagomorales #cruxlove
  • Red Baron
  • Light bro #cruxlove
  • Pumpkin Butter lives! Thanks to @thezenwrench for showing me how to mount a rear dérailleur and get my #cruxlove running smoothly. Now, all I need are my pedals and a knee that doesn't cripple me every time I try to go up hill....
  • Riding with Enrique Iglesias #dirtchurch
  • Going up #benchpress
  • Juuuusssssstttt missed it #sunset #benchpress
  • Creep factor dial turned to 11. It's one creepier. #benchpress
  • Mornin #commutelove
  • Baby bidon
  • The best Tacos in California are found  in the woods #benchpress Wednesday (and yes, he's riding #goldicrux
  • "You don't experience chin tears because of that beard. It's a chin hankie" - me, to Erik the Red at Sand Point. My top tube was drenched in chin tears by that time. Photo by @j_takao
  • Cheers sunset! #winningwednesday
  • Doldare in the creek, trying to spotlight Bigfoot. #winningwednesday
  • The ice in my esky is done, but this guy was still cold so I schlepped it with me. Under a tree, watching people frolic on Shaver Lake #RideWriteRetreat Think I'm gonna have a swim when I'm done. Trail so far is mostly fireroad.
  • I still can't believe this happened. I'm descending Kaiser Pass and begin to wave to the only other cyclist I've seen all day, climbing up. She begins to wave madly and so I wave bigger and then I think 'Wait...that looks like..' and she yells "JJ McCrae-Cray!" And I go "Rita Jett!" And then we both go nuts. This was not planned. This was insanely random. It really made my day. She was riding to do an overnight and ride some trails. Stay safe Jettpack (it's supposed to storm) #RideWriteRetreat
  • Hammered up here after work. So quiet. So... kinda creepy in the woods with things rustling in the undergrowth.
  • Got this color io draw attention away from my crappy ride style #newshoeday
  • Super fun happy timez when you remember to bring a light.
  • Hitting pockets of light.
  • Don't look down. You might be blinded by the gorgeous woods.
  • Taco-charge! #campus
  • Santi! Where are you? You're missing out! A shower can't be that important @santiagomorales
  • My customized garmin attachment seems to be losing some effectiveness #skewiff #shitlbuffout I broke this two #tourdetree agos!
  • Ljubljana wall
  • I don't know why, but this is one of my favorite photos from what I took at the #girorosa2015 It's from the prologue in #Ljubljana. This guy has just it all going on - green means go!
  • I like this fence. It has character.
  • Bumped into Super D on Eureka. This was before everyone dropped me, obviously. ???????? #victorisnotoninstagram
  • Snake in the grass! #theblackmamba
  • Trackstanding Erik the Red on dirt Summit. #solsticeride
  • Skid King #solsticeride
  • Sundown at top of Nisene. Lights at the ready! #solsticeride
  • Day 6 of no TV. My flat has never been so clean and I just rearranged the living room. Now I can people watch out my window and read a book at the same time.  I've also de-lime scaled most of the bathroom. Any second now, I might stop finding ways to procrastinate and actually work on the book. (That's a screen saver on screen. I'm playing music through TV, but I'm telling myself it's broken for viewing stuff. There's actually a lot of time in the day...)
  • Sugar cookies. The Anti-Kale.
  • Taco and GoldiCrux, ready to rumble the #dk200 #couchkanza #CraeKanza
  • Hmm.  Something looks weird. #dk200 #CraeKanza #over!
  • Waiting for pickup. I'm freezing. I considered the single speed thing, but lost the chain breaker somewhere. Not my year. Pin all hopes on @j_takao ! #CraeKanza
  • Just chillin' on the @sunfloweroutdoorandbikeshop ride with @rebarusch #dk200
  • Ridin' with the Queen. #dk200
  • Fog rollin'
  • Perfect conversational paced ride with this guy.
  • Armadillo avocado #santisunday (+Dolder)
  • High whiz! #commutelove
  • Fat banana sucking the life force out of another banana slug. That's how they become so yellow. #fact #butanothuglife
  • Classic Shasta seen in Big Basin General Store. I ate a hotdog! (Which I tasted a couple of times while climbing Felton Empire)
  • Butano cherry popped.
  • Curly hair 1800. It's how you portage it on a bicycle to help with the Rita.
  • Pit stop.
  • Stage 10 of #tourdetree and we get to the top to find this guy waiting with a tree beer for us! Thanks to Dolder, Clayton, Issac and Erik for coming out to help us celebrate what has been a pretty tough slog of a week.
  • Congrats to Cookie for finishing his first #tourdetree, and to Dirt Diesel, Mckenzie (who turned up just after this) and moi for finishing another. We poured one out for you @j_takao ! #commutelove
  • Storm's a'brewin' Stage 8 #tourdetree #commutelove
  • Dirt Diesel, dieselin' Stage 8, #tourdetree #commutelove
  • Patiently, they wait, donning gloves and vests in the creeping fog. The Mother Tree lifts her skirt for them to shelter beneath. #tourdetree #commutelove
  • Alternate view of Stage 8, #tourdetree
  • #lawnnaps Survival technique that got me through to Stage 6 of #tourdetree #commutelove
  • Light, bro. #tourdetree #commutelove
  • Raquel doing the mandatory lap of the Mother Tree during #tourdetree Stage 4 #commutelove
  • Cookie has spent the first 4 stages of #tourdetree chasing due to late departures. Has caught on in the afternoon stages, but not yet in the morning. Will tomorrow be the day? #commutelove
  • Taco and Erik the Red, approaching the false summit on Mt Madonna. #commutelove #tourdetree
  • Stage 3 of #tourdetree saw the appearance of Mr Ben Capron, recently recovered from a broken collar bone. He took my do or do not seriously. #commutelove
  • Matador's maiden voyage on his new Crux. He called this move 'The Pointer' #tourdetree #cruxlove #commutelove
  • "Tour de Tree: May the 4th be with you". It begins.
  • 1. These shoes is baller 2. These socks is baller. 3. Shimano Ultegra road SPDs have just changed my life. No problems on this 90 miler #springclassic
  • Da bear. Adventures with Pumpkin Butter #cruxlove #harveybear
  • Shade break #harveybear #lunchride #cruxlove
  • The midday sun is a toasty one #lunchride #harveybear
  • From here to there. #lunchride
  • #Unicorn portage. #vanapoolooza
  • It's just Lucy, doing stuff. #commutelove #lucydoingstuff
  • I always say, when you're going on a Big Bad ride, bring your own shoe guy. #8holes6screws
  • This guy, dragging my arse around
  • Taco's first Alpine climb. #crushedit #crushedstrangers #crushedme
  • Stare down #cosmo
  • Jon and I are 115 miles into the ride, 10,200ft under our belts, @gdolder says "swing by on your way through. I have pizza and beer" #lifesaver #dolder30 #beertimeischamaoistime
  • High fog #commutelove
  • Pumpkin Butter on the dirt. Rider up in the rocks taking this picture. #commutelove
  • Top. Edit/update: started down Pig or Bacon (one of them) then had to bail, much to my disgust. It was above my pay grade. Trying not to hate myself for it. We're gonna do some others when we rejoin.
  • Woodland creatures. #Buddha #dietryin
  • S'up ladies? Jon at the top of the first climb of the first annual Paris-CruXaix #goldicrux #pariscruxaix
  • Taco, the crik trackstand king. #pariscruxaix
  • No handed crik trackstand king. #pariscruxaix
  • Pumpkin Butter and crae-cray skippin' stones. #pariscruxaix
  • I'm finding it hard to accept how AWESOME I look! #pariscruxaix cobbles ain't no joke. Photo by @j_takao
  • Nature, testify! #pariscruxaix
  • #pariscruxaix end point.
  • Ford that crik! #pariscruxaix
  • Bike, broadsheet, bacon burrito, breakfast. Simple pleasures. #saturday Moments earlier @gdolder rode by this window and didn't even wave.
  • See? It's not all redwoods and switchbacks #lunchride
  • #lunchride shenanigans. Saw three people.
  • It seems only fair that as punishment for having too much fun on lunch ride, a landscaping truck should crack my windshield #justice #touche
  • New shoe day. Fresh. Clean.
  • #tbt Evading in the forest. Yep, being a stand in for @eyeroam on a shoot in Bend. And then he shot the real talent and I got the hell out of the way. ????
  • Last day of Kanza Camp. Yuri is waiting waaaay down the road for me while I get my Instagram on. #dk200 #roguepumpkin
  • Rolling back into emporia after 50 miles of dirt ballin' at Kanza Camp. #roguepumpkin #dkcamp
  • New type of trail challenge for me. #roguepumpkin with #rumor
  • Cheating on Pumpkin Butter. But hey, I didn't bring the Rumor so it could have a Thule vacation. #roguepumpkin
  • It is ridiculously windy up on the ridge line. Like scary windy. #roguepumpkin #interloper
  • Goes from super gravelly, loose dirt to yellow sandiness is the blink of an eye. #roguepumpkin
  • The wind is gusting right to left, so I'm constantly being urged off the edge. It sucks when descending too. #roguepumpkin #interloper
  • Although I have hike-a-biked some stuff, love looking ahead and seeing things I can do. #roguepumpkin
  • Rock dweller #interloper #roguepumpkin
  • Cold start this morning, but so lovely. Glad to be riding over this and not on it. #roguepumpkin
  • Going up. (I'd already waaahooooed my way down) #roguepumpkin
  • Three mile climb or three mile descent. I did both. It's a shitty road to get there tho. High traffic, no shoulder. #roguepumpkin Between Flagstaff and Sedona.
  • Pumpkin looks one way #roguepumpkin
  • I look back. Yeah, that was fun. #roguepumpkin
  • Croissant and double shot espresso doping pre-Zayante. That's ok, right? I'm only 10 miles into the ride. Whoops! Slow easy ride today anyway. Gonna enjoy the scenes of wonder.
  • I don't remember the sign being this colorful. #zayanteicecream
  • Invisible horseman #madewithfaded #zayanteicecream (You shot the invisible horseman!)
  • Bambi alert. #zayanteicecream
  • And then you look down and realize you're a mobile billboard for some shop in Kanzas... #zayanteicecream #electricbubblegum I mean some AWESOME shop in Kansas!
  • The best way to protect a QOM? Let a lake do it for you. #submergedbridgesegment
  • These guys. Pizza. Beer. Santa Cruz. #winningthursday
  • Finally got my mitts on one of these kits. I've hit the big time now! #commutelove
  • *sings* "It's a washboard life. For. Us. It's a washboard life. For. Us." #commutelove (Descending is fun! Erm....)
  • I cannot recall a time when I have looked so dynamic.
  • The family the raarssss together stays together. Skyland Ranch road. (Mamma Dino is huge) #seenonmyride
  • Baby 1. #seenonmyride
  • Oh, that's just a dinosaur hatchling in my front yard. #seenonmyride
  • Whilst I'm pretty sure 'darkling' is a typo (good one, Aptos Times), it sure does change how you view the relationship.
  • Highland highjinx
  • Don't go chasin' 'em, yo.
  • It evades wind, not Pilsner #evade
  • Sand Point. It's raining, but not hard. Road up here has many glue traps. #slipnslide #outrigger #photosphere
  • Glad good won over evil and I got off the couch. Right before I got home, it started a heavy downpour, but I only had intermittent showers for most of the ride.
  • A dirty #pumpkinbutter is a happy Pumpkin Butter #cruxlove #crux
  • Big smile from "The Draft" He really enjoyed that freshly laid, shitty gravel! #commutelove
  • Same location as the other night, but this time with 100% more cow. #commutelove #morecowbell
  • What does #tourdetree do? Makes you not give a shit about eating that donut this morning. #commutelove
  • We climbed until we were well above the fog and marveled at the world. #commutelove  #madewithfaded #karlthefog
  • The sky was a magnificent pink purple and orange bruise as I descended and I raced to get to this corner to catch it. By the time I screeched to a halt, got off my bike, fumbled my phone out of my pocket it was gone. I was muttering "hang on hang on sky!" Sky don't care. Sky is controlled by spinning thing we're standing on. Oh well. This will have to do. #commutelove
  • Another horrid Sunday on the left coast. Can't remember the last time I rode Almond Butter. She's a beast! #rubylove
  • As they both stare out to sea, each dreams of a love once had, now lost.
  • Judge me. i don't care.
  • Freebird in a yellow sea
  • Two lads climbing
  • Once more into the fog we go. #commutelove
  • Company on the hill today. #lucydoingstuff #commutelove
  • Road warrior. #commutelove
  • Olive pointing purposefully and the fog creeps over the Mother Tree and light gets caught by it. #commutelove
  • Well I got further than I normally do up 'three bitches' but it's just too steep. #startschleping #crux #cruxevo #cruxlove (I think they call it three bitches... If not, they should)
  • #pumpkinbutter is trying to hide. #crux #cruxlove
  • A grand old lady takes a stretch.
  • Don't really know where I am. Never been here before. But I'm assuming Monterey Bay down there. #pumpkinbutter #crux #cruxevo
  • On the way down, I stop and admire the other side of that burnt out tree.
  • Santiago is tooooooo cool. Lil Bit is tooooooo hungry. Dolder is tooooo tire-slashy. #californiarulez
  • Olive has a posse. #bodyguards #californiarulez
  • Head cold. Lungs wheezy. Don't care. Whee!
  • Someone hath a cranky crank #commutelove
  • Sure is a different climb when your legs aren't desiccated meat. #commutelove #YourRideYourRules
  • Tall trees. Near top of the climb (false summit) #commutelove
  • Stage 10 #tourdetree It's raining steadily and making the dirt super fun. Later, we will wish the rain stayed like this (we basically canoed down Hazel Dell. It was...intense. Hames road had a river coming down it as we were climbing it. That was fun) Anyway, Tour de Tree is done! Waiting to hear if @msampso3 is home safe. @j_takao has the victory at the tree shot, so look at for that.
  • Stage 9 #tourdetree We all do our loop around the Mother Tree then descend for the last morning stage. Stunning morning. Supposed to be a downpour and winds for Stage 10.
  • Stage 8 of #tourdetree in which Taco develops "burrito boobs" and I get knocked up with a "burrito baby" Thanks AJ's! #commutelove
  • #tourdetree Stage 7: "the best draft in the bunch" runs over a glass shard minefield. #commutelove #lucydoingstuff
  • Now, I don't want to make you feel bad, but the #tourdetree Groundhog Edition has a posse. #commutelove
  • Lolz I like how I gave it no context. This was me mounting the decal to my top tube. Inspiration is everything! #tourdetree
  • Fog rolling in at the Mother Tree. #tourdetree Taco looks like he's about to go down a coal mine. #commutelove
  • "The Wait" The only time someone is not waiting for me on #tourdetree is 5:08am when I'm waiting for @j_takao and our 5:10 start. This would've been a perfect time for a selfie stick but my arm sufficed.
  • #tourdetree says "We're in a fight" That, or I punched him. Or he rides so hard, that's just the weakness leaving his body #commutelove Stage 4 complete! (Or, he just had a nose bleed while riding)
  • One never quite gets used to getting dropped. This little #tourdetree climb to the top of Hazel Dell really rips my knitting #commutelove
  • Two cool cats coming into Capitola #tourdetree #commutelove
  • #tourdetree Stage 1: come at me bro. #cruxlove #commutelove
  • Great turnout on Stage 1 of #tourdetree 6 people at the tree. #commutelove
  • Waiting for Dirt Diesel (brad) to catch up after flatting. #tourdetree #commutelove
  • Wilder Ranch.
  • Afternoon delight. Wilder Ranch, California.  #madewithfaded
  • Four days off the bike means it's Pumpkin time! #lunchride
  • Harvey Bear is putting on a show #lunchride
  • This #lunchride suck-factor is very low
  • I am capable of doing dumb things. Today, I rode from my house to top of Hamilton. The problem becomes obvious when you get to the top. You look across the valley, across San Jose socked in with smoke haze, to the Santa Cruz mountains there on the horizontal and think: "my house is on the other side of that. I am so far from home" (though this is probably half way in the climb it still illustrates the point)
  • There's a road there somewhere
  • Pit stop a mile from home. @j_takao put a food order in for me so I rolled in and ate! And may have ordered a beer...
  • Tank
  • He was a sophisticated cat. He was Top Cat on Campus.
  • "Did ya see the headless seagull?" will be the name of today's ride. Thanks @isaacmerrill
  • I like it here very much. So cozy warm in the woods today.
  • Night flower in headlight #commutelove
  • Hi-wiz tree hugger caught like deer in headlights. #commutelove
  • Oh, hey, matchy matchy. Look at you, all matchy matchy. #pumpkinbutter #fatcyclist (I looked down mid-ride and suddenly noticed. One more orange bottle and the look would be complete. Helmet and gloves would be TOO FAR!) #cruxevo #cruxlove #crux #nisene cc: @eldennelson
  • Yes, I've posted this corner before. No, I don't care. #pumpkinbutter #churchofsaturday #nisene
  • Ride. Breakfast burrito. Beer 30. These guys. (Dolder not depicted) #churchofsaturday