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Devin Parker

Devin Parker

Austin, TX
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Devin Parker is a cyclist from Austin, TX. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 120
  • 240
  • 360
  • 480
  • 600
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 49.3mi
  • 2h 38m
  • 883ft

Recent Achievements

  • 3rd best estimated 1k effort
  • 3rd best estimated 1/2 mile effort
  • 3rd best estimated 400m effort
  • PR on State RR Climb 1


Distance 2,082.5mi
Time 116h 11m
Elevation Gain 61,631ft
Rides 47


Total Distance 20,772.8mi
Total Time 1154h 5m
Total Elev Gain 817,831ft
Total Rides 618

Recent Photos

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  • Officially new bike day!
#giantbaaw #wymtm #earlytobedearlytoshred
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@drivewayseries #critsarecoming #luckynumber13
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  • b/w something or other 1 of 5. Love riding by this old building, tho.
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  • 5 is the new 6. #earlytobedearlytoshred
  • Sunrise action shot.
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  • Father's Day bro ride featuring Austin Eastciders with @wwkmd
  • No road bike, no problem.
  • RIP weird.
  • Just another day in Austin. #rideyourbike
  • Speed suit commute. #lightbro
  • If it's not on Instagram it doesn't count.
  • Blurry sunrise photo from this morning's ride.
  • Spring has come. The season of 6am bike rides is upon us.
  • 20 miles in, haven't seen a single car.
  • 2nd annual #figudam40
  • What's more metal than fluro shoe covers.
  • Fluro crit game.
  • Early bird catches the sunrise over downtown.
  • Suns out, guns out
  • Sunrise ride.
  • #windy
  • Cold weather selfie.
  • @wwkmd with a thick layer of embro on today's ride.
  • Road seems to go on forever.
  • Not much happening out here. #fitzhugh #midnightrider
  • #midnightrider @iamwillpowers style on #fitzhugh. #nofilter
  • Title says it all. #solocentury #heatstroke #deathmarch
  • Mile 90. Taking a break from the heat under this wonderful tree. #solocentury
  • Old dudes still got it. #solocentury
  • So many lulz with this group.  #solocentury #saturdaymorningworldchampionshipTTT #dontlettheroadiegetaway
  • Is there anything more fun than sitting on a porch waiting for a storm to pass? #rideyourbike #rainorshine
  • Nothing like a big pepino on a hot day. Right, @figudam?
  • Need a refill. #drinkgreatcoffee
  • #eatthunder #ridelightning
  • #bummer
  • Kept under 5 hours.
  • #texas
  • This tiny Dino my son gave me this morning is protecting me on my ride.  cc: @leishab_
  • Looking forward to this long day in the saddle with just me, my thoughts, and this headwind.
  • Chad won that battle with the sedan.
  • Had to pick something up on the way home. Thanks @thunderbirdbar.
  • Couldn't ask for better weather. cc: @comancheracing
  • Beet juice to start the day cc: @juiceland
  • #paceline
  • @comancheracing team issued protein biscuits provided by @theaurelius. #BrothersParker200km
  • Belgian summer powered by @thunderbirdbar. @comancheracing #rideyourbike
  • Good day in the saddle with @comancheracing. #rideyourbike #comanche #racing #5hour #century
  • On a ride with @comancheracing and Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.
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  • Flamingo sighting.
  • #ballz
  • #newkit day with @comancheracing
  • Road bike.
  • I think she's ready.
  • Sunshine and bicycles.
  • Beautiful Belgian Summer.
  • Bird watching on a rainy day.
  • MYLO.
  • Green thumb.
  • Creek crossing.
  • JuiceLand on the CAAD10.
  • @littlespeaker I seen it.
  • El Jefe.
  • Comanchè
  • K.O.M.'d the tuezday Niter.
  • These guys.
  • Earlybird bike ridez.
  • #Compression #frogjuice
  • "Training"
  • #comancheracing. #winning.
  • The backpacks are filled with booze.
  • Attacks start.
  • I thought columbians were climbers... @figudam
  • Strung out.
  • The only historic district where its ok to get shitfaced and puke in the street.
  • Scouting.
  • Stormy time.
  • Riders in the storm.
  • The lead out. @comancheracing
  • ATX->Denver. @comancheracing
  • Loaded. @comancheracing
  • Early morning rollout.
  • Mule.
  • Instagramming the instagramer. @austinbikesracing
  • Ride time.
  • Flatski.
  • Saddle-time.
  • Big dog nap time.
  • #armwarmerscene
  • #kneewarmerscene. @comancheracing
  • Watching @_leishab get ready.
  • #peener circa 2005. RIP. @theaurelius, @_leishab
  • One-armed rider
  • #bummer
  • Old San Antonio at sunset.
  • #tourdashugel
  • Bailed on the #tourdashugel to ride flat land.
  • Hitting some trails on the CAAD. @jtbaker would be proud.
  • People drive fast in Texas.
  • Hitting this up on the caad.
  • #Trailz
  • Time to ride! On the road before the sun is up.
  • Thanks to Nelo's, @figudam, @grimpeurbros and all the bro-dudes that came out for the ride.
  • The kid took this photo and posted it without me knowing.
  • Late night turbo action while @_leishab is out of town.
  • lil dude leading a yoga class with @_leishab and @kellyblu
  • These guys. @austinbikesracing @contactpoints @mquintana1 @cartyp
  • It's not pretty but it's my new trainer set up.
  • #diehard
  • #keptthemcleanintherain
  • @austinbikesracing new kits
  • Sunrise in Walburg with @comancheracing 
  • Good day for bicycle race with @comancheracing
  • Windy day for a solo century. #keepgoing @comancheracing
  • St. Luke's church. 1956.
  • Mid-Ride beverage. Hits the spot. #solocentury @comancheracing
  • Bluebonnets are blooming.
  • Quality time with @comancheracing's @theaurelius. #rideyourbike #racing #cycle
  • Headed north of the river with @comancheracing. #pendernales
  • Nice day for a ride with @theaurelius #rideyourbike