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Darren Beale

Darren Beale

10:06 AM on Thursday, August 31, 2017   •   Edited

Strava Posts 📝😱🤘

Strava adds basic blogging features.

When I checked Strava this morning I had a message saying Strava supports a new Posts feature.

Doing a bit of digging I can see that this feature is supposedly supported by the mobile apps and the web client. However, currently I cannot add posts when I press the [+] symbol in the mobile app; I had to go to the website to post this.

Immediate thoughts after 10 minutes of playing with it:

There are zero text formatting options (markdown doesn't work) *sigh*.

Links do which http://could be useful but the web client doesn't magically figure out non www links like (this last link should work fine on mobile).

I am unable to add images via my iOS app. The examples (and support articles) do show image support (you should now be able to manually add a 'post', image or activity). Like a good geek I tried logging out and in again, rebooting device as well as checking software updates. Definitely no current ability to add images using my iPhone 6S+.

According to the *cough* FAQ adding images is only supported on mobile:

Tagging @users doesn't work.

#hashtags don't automagically link to a search for that tag.

Posts show up in your feed and also under a new 'posts' tab on a users' profile.

More on the official launch by Strava here: