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icebreaker #teesforgood challenge

7 miles, 7 days, 1 tee, 0 washes.

Challenge Ended: June 12, 2019
How far can your T-shirt take you? icebreaker and ultra-runner Anna Frost challenge you to run 7 miles over 7 days in the same T-shirt. Can you make it through without washing your tee?

Washing synthetic clothing releases plastic microfibers into the ocean - up to 700,000 in one full wash. Today, microfibers make up 85% of human-made debris on shorelines around the globe.

icebreaker T-shirts are high in natural fibers, making them soft, breathable and odor-resistant. This means you can wear them more than once between washes, so you can stay active for longer and use up less of the planet's resources.

By switching to an icebreaker T-shirt and taking up the Challenge to skip seven washes, you could save up to 14,000 microfibers from being released into the ocean. Be part of the change. Move to natural™.

By achieving 7 miles over 7 days*, you could win one of 100 icebreaker T-shirts. One lucky runner will bag the grand prize: a trail-running retreat with Anna Frost in Madeira, Portugal.

*You're welcome to run much further, of course. And if you're in an icebreaker T-shirt, you'll stay comfortable for longer.

Every day, icebreaker will be giving away tees to runners who include #teesforgood in the title of their Strava activity, and post on social: XX miles, 1 tee, 0 washes. #teesforgood @icebreakernz
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