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Fidlock x RAD RACE Tour de Friends 2019

RAD RACE Tour de Friends is not about winning! But now it's about becoming the king of the mountain!

Challenge Ended: July 11, 2019
At RAD RACE Tour de Friends you ride with old and new friends across the Alps. It's not a race! It's an adventure and a chance to meet new cycling friends.
At the end of the trip you will say "These were some of the best 4 days in my life!"

Every day you have the chance to win a cool prices at a different mountain. Here is how it works:
1. Join the RAD RACE Club ( on strava
2. Join this Challenge and go all out on the segment
3. Upload your ride to Strava at the end of each stage

On the fourth stage you get the chance to win an awesome Fidlock x Restrap limited backpack.

Join the RAD RACE Club ( and visit to learn more."
  • 5,189
  • 0
    Total attempts
  • 8.9km
  • 591m
    Elevation Gain
  • 6%
    Avg Grade