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Mountain Flyer Fruita Spring Challenge

An Individual Time Trial on Fruita's iconic Horsethief Bench Loop, April 20-May 20

Challenge Ended: May 20, 2012
Mountain Flyer Challenges you to throw down your smoothest, fastest lap on Fruita, Colo's iconic Horsethief Bench Loop.

This trail offers a little of everything for everyone: smooth fast single track, rough but flowing technical sections, and a good, consistent climb at the end.

This challenge will be hosted April 20 - May 20, 2012, so you've got a full month to get down their and go for it.

The ITT loop will start at the main intersection below the drop-in and is to be ridden CLOCKWISE (go left at the main intersection).

**For safety reasons, we are NOT including the infamous drop-in from the top. We love a steep, scary, class V drop-in as much as anyone, but we'd rather not see anyone get hurt. So walk it and feel good about it or ride at your own risk.

Ride any bike you want, do what you like as long as you don't cut the course, knock innocent bystanders off the trail, or generally cause an unruly ruckus of any sort. Please be polite and follow strict trail etiquette. Race clean, be safe and polite, and we'll all have fun.
  • 76
  • 5hrs
    Total Time Ridden
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