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Sufferlandrian National Day

4 hours of suffering in 2 days.

Challenge Ended: July 20, 2014
Sufferlandria. The greatest mythical country in the world. A place of pain, misery and agony. But also a place of honor, glory and victory - if you’re up to the Challenge, that is.

For Sufferlandrian National Day (it's actually two days), Strava and The Sufferfest are challenging you to dial up the intensity and ride a total of four hours in two days.

We’re not challenging you for quantity this time, we’re asking you to go for quality. We don’t care how far you ride. We don’t care how many meters you climb. We just want you to suffer.

How will we know you suffered? Well, we won’t, really. We’ll track the time you put in, but we’re not going to assess how much you suffered — only you will really know. So, that said, there is a bit of an honour system in place. As a Sufferlandrian, we trust you know what to do: just get on that bike and suffer. Not for one segment, not for a few minutes, but for four hours.

Go after some PR's, join a local group ride, climb a massive mountain, ride against headwinds... or tackle the Challenge indoors and do a Sufferfest workout. For maximum effect, split the challenge into two parts, putting in at least two hours of effort into each day.

Share photos of your efforts on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #Sufferlandria.
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