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Brooks Best Fest Marathon

This is it. Run the whole enchilada.

Challenge Ended: September 22, 2019
Run 26.2 miles between September 2nd and September 22nd to complete this Best Fest challenge.

Is there any number in the world of running that causes more awe, wonder, and, frankly, fear than 26.2? The full marathon is one of the biggest goals most runners pursue. It's the distance by which all other runs are measured. The big kahuna. The white whale.

Earn yourself a badge by running a whole marathon over three weeks. You'll instantly become famous and even more attractive. And if you don't, you won't care. Because you will have just run a freakin' marathon.

But don't worry -- you don't have to run all 26.2 miles at once. You have three weeks to get it done and earn your Brooks Best Fest Marathon badge.

So put your best foot forward. Learn more at And, share your journey by tagging @brooksrunning and by using #BrooksBestFestSweeps on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to win the Limited Edition Ghost 12. And always remember that your next best is just one more stride around the corner.

  • 45,699
  • 2,514,063
    Total Miles Run
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