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Brooks and INTERSPORT Half Marathon

Running half a marathon is fully impressive.

Challenge Ended: August 11, 2019
Run 21 kilometers between July 22nd and August 11th to complete this Brooks and Intersport challenge.

The half marathon is the perfect middle distance. Just long enough to put your endurance to the test, but short enough to keep a pretty lively pace. Fast or slow, the half is quite a test for any runner.

If a 21 km run seems like an impossible goal today, you can break it into smaller segments. You've got three weeks to get it done and earn this badge.

So lace up your running shoes and put your best foot forward!

This way to our UK Strava Club, more local routes, more challenges and many runhappy moments: You can also learn more about the new Brooks Ghost 12, exclusive at Intersport here.

Share your progress on instagram with @brooksrunninguk & @Intersportrunning. And always remember that your next best is just one step around the corner.
  • 56,048
  • 3,985,413
    Total Kilometers Run
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