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CLIF® CUBES™ Challenge

One ride. 125 minutes. Go.

Challenge Ended: June 30, 2019
The latest addition to our Athlete Series, CLIF® CUBES™ are nut butter-filled endurance bites made with real food ingredients like nuts, dates, and nut butters and provide sustained energy, helping athletes perform their best in long races and big training days. Now that you've got the energy, we challenge you to a 125-minute ride this week. Time to get pedaling!

CLIF® CUBES™ are scored into five tasty bites for easy-to-eat energy when you're on the go. Why 125 minutes? Because 5 cubed equals 125, and we know you're up for the challenge. Join our Strava club for motivation and more throughout the challenge period - and get riding!

To compete, upload one 125-minute active cycling session on Strava between June 24th and June 30th for 25% off your next Athlete Series order at and a gift with purchase of our new CLIF® CUBES™*.

*Good only for orders shipping to a US address
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