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LifeProof Crush the Commute Challenge

Ride 7.5 hours in 3 weeks — get 15% off LifeProof packs

Challenge Ended: July 29, 2018
The average US bike commute takes about 30 minutes -- each way! Over 3 weeks, that's 15 hours of priceless personal pedal time time spent on the bike, in the great outdoors.

So, join the LifeProof Crush the Commute Challenge and pedal that number back by half!

Over the next 3 weeks, simply put in 7.5 hours of pedal time -- equal to a one-way daily commute -- and get 15% off LifeProof Backpacks. Even better, 5 lucky pedal-pushers will also score a special reward, including a just-released LifeProof Backpack!

LifeProof is applying its hard-earned outdoor-tech expertise to backpacks. Whatever the action, wherever the destination, no matter the weather, LifeProof Backpacks keep you optimized, organized, prepared and protected. Commutes, day trips, vacations -- these packs are designed for the grind and the getaway.

So be sure to sign up for the Crush the Commute Challenge and get riding this July!
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