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March 5K

3.1 miles wherever you want, as fast as you can.

Challenge Ended: March 31, 2020
Put a little kick in your step with a 5K this month. Whether you join an organized race, compete with friends or head out on your own, remember to have fun and give it your all.

Did you know that 57% of runners never hit the snooze button? And that men report loving running uphill more than women do? We didn't either. But after surveying 25,000 runners on Strava, we discovered a ton about why we do this crazy thing.

Find out what we learned from our largest study of runner motivation.


We expect all athletes to honor the Strava Community Standards, which includes abiding by all health advisements and restrictions in your area prior to undertaking any physical activity.

If you are located in an area that does not allow outdoor activity, you may not participate. Please see our blog with information about exercising during a pandemic.

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