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Cathay Pacific Nonstop to Hong Kong Challenge

Ride 16 hours for discounted flights to Asia!

Challenge Ended: October 23, 2018
Think you've got the endurance to ride nonstop to Hong Kong?

Cathay Pacific Airways is celebrating its new nonstop route from Washington D.C. to Hong Kong with a 16 hour riding challenge-the same length as its new route.

While they're using jet engines to get to Hong Kong, you'll have to use your legs. So you can either go for 16 hours straight or break it up over the next 3 weeks into as many rides as you'd like - as long as you go the distance.

Just for stopping by this challenge page, you can use the promo code STRAVA to redeem for up to $250 off a Cathay Pacific flight. Challenge finishers can enter to win two round trip Business Class tickets to Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific goes nonstop, can you?
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  • 185,820hrs
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