Red Bull Super Commuter

Commute 5 hours in 14 days to unlock rewards

Challenge Ended: July 8, 2018
Thanks for to those who took part in the Red Bull Super Commuter challenge!

To be part of the UK-wide challenge to achieve one million human-powered commuter miles in July and be eligible for the challenge prize draws, make sure to register for the Million Mile Commute at

Red Bull is challenging you to get on your bike and commute this summer. If you ride 5 hours in 14 days you will complete the challenge and unlock your reward.

Think you can go the extra mile? There will be a further prize draw for athletes that complete 10, 15, and 20 journey commutes during this time period. Athletes must tag their activities as commutes and opt into the reward upon completion of the challenge to be eligible.

If you'd like to be a part of something bigger, head to for info on the UK wide journey to collectively acheive 1 million commuter miles in the month of July. Be sure to join Red Bull UK's Strava Club for the latest from Red Bull.

Now get out there and get riding!
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