Zwift 10-in-10 Challenge

Run 10 miles in 10 days to enter for a reward from Zwift & Wahoo.

Challenge Ended: February 24, 2018
Celebrate the launch of Zwift Run with the first ever Zwift Strava challenge.

Run 10 miles in 10 days and you'll be entered to win new running gear from Zwift & Wahoo.

Any pace, any place, all you have to do is run ten miles. For an extra challenge, push yourself to go further or go faster than ever before. Try a new route. Maybe even do your fastest mile indoors.

That's right, virtual miles count just the same as outdoor miles for this challenge. Try running on Zwift and explore new running routes through underwater tunnels, over snowy mountain tops, and even in a Mayan Jungle.

Learn more about running on Zwift at and try it for free today! Be sure to also join the Zwift Strava Club.

Full Terms & Conditions can be found here:
  • 54,695
  • 1,146,482
    Total Miles Run
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