Zwift x World Champs Challenge

Two weeks to ride as far as the pros do in Yorkshire.

Challenge Ended: October 5, 2019
Ride the same length as the UCI Road World Championship Men's Elite Road Race in Yorkshire and unlock a free month of Zwift! Plus, you'll be entered in our drawing to win the ultimate Zwift setup: Wahoo KICKR, KICKR Climb, Headwind, and Training Mat.

Get into the spirit of the 2019 UCI Road World Championship with a fun challenge from Zwift. The task at hand: ride 285 km // 177 miles over the next two weeks. Go the same distance as the Men's Elite Road Race and you could win prizes for all that hard work. Ride those miles outdoors or on Zwift. Both will count towards your progress.

*(The free month of Zwift prize is only available to those who do not currently have Zwift membership. The ultimate Zwift setup prize is open to all.)

New to Zwift? Zwift is an app that makes indoor training fun and delivers serious results. Train, race, or free ride from home-any time, in any weather. And there's fresh tarmac too: ride the Yorkshire race course and get a real feel for what the pros will ride at World Champs.

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Get those miles in with a few big days on the bike, or slay the monster over time with some shorter trips. Have your friends sign up and see who can complete it faster!
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