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August 2013 Half Marathon logo

August 2013 Half Marathon

Test your fitness with a 13.1 mile run.

Challenge Ended: August 31, 2013
The first test of fitness in your preparation for an upcoming marathon; this half marathon Challenge kicks off the 2nd round of the 2013 Marathon Training Series.

Strava is challenging you to run 13.1 miles in a single run, on any day between August 1st - 31st.

It's a chance to see how well you have built that fitness base. It's a chance to push the distance, as well as the intensity. It's a chance to prove you're on track for that Berlin, Chicago or New York PR.

About the Marathon Training Series:
Whether you're training for an upcoming race or looking to set a new running goal, Strava is here to support with our Marathon Training Series.

The Marathon Training Series consists of three individual Challenges, with distances and scheduling designed to align with your existing training calendar. The half marathon (13.1 miles), long run (20 miles), and marathon (26.2 miles) Challenges are spread across three months, giving you the tools and motivation you need to get to that finish line, set a PR, or run a marathon just for fun.

Leaderboard Sorting:
We're sorting the Leaderboard based on the average pace of the qualifying activity. This means the faster you run during your activity, the higher you will show up on the Leaderboard.
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