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Global Bike to Work Day

Make your commute count on May 11th.

Challenge Ended: May 11, 2017
Ride to work or school with cyclists from around the world and make your commute count.

79,879 Strava cyclists from 180 countries joined us on Global Bike to Work Day last year. They offset 514 tons of greenhouse emissions and contributed millions of data points to the Strava Metro data set. Let’s crush those numbers in 2017!

Completing the challenge is easy. Just make a point-to-point trip on May 11th and tag it a commute when you upload. That’s it. You’ll get your finisher’s badge, contribute to this global movement, and as always, Metro will anonymize your commute data and share it with city planners to make riding in your city better. And plus, it’s just a healthy, fun way to get around… nothin’ wrong with that!
  • 125,724
  • 1,708,920
    Total Kilometers Ridden