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2019 BOLDERBoulder 10k Qualifier logo

2019 BOLDERBoulder 10k Qualifier

Earn a spot in a qualified wave of the BB10k!

Challenge Ended: May 26, 2019
Run your best BOLDERBoulder! To ensure your best race day experience, run with other participants at your same pace. Qualified Waves are only for people who are able to complete a 10k in 68 minutes or faster. The BOLDERBoulder Qualifier result will be used to place you in a qualifying wave. Run a 5K distance or greater --find a continuous path and make sure to turn off auto-pause-- and your "best effort" 5k time will be used for placement into a BB10k qualifying wave. When you have your best time, edit the run activity to be labeled a "Race," and privacy set to "Everyone," and that will trigger the completion email. If your time meets the standard (32:38 or faster), forward that email to For more detailed information regarding qualifying times and waves, please click here. Train hard, run your pace and have the best race day possible! OH YES YOU WILL! *Participants who have already registered and been bibbed will incur a $10 bib change fee to utilize their challenge results for placement in a faster wave"
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