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Bring Back the Boom

Run 70km in seven days.

Challenge Ended: November 23, 2014
The 1970’s started an epic running boom that continues to grow to this day. Millions of people picked up the sport, inspired by pioneering athletes like Frank Shorter and Kathrine Switzer, Grete Waitz and Lasse Viren. Road races sprung up across the globe, including popular events like the marathons in New York City and Berlin.

To celebrate this special era and its impact on running history, Strava is challenging you to run 70 kilometers in 7 days.

The running boom grew out of a love for the sport, so let’s prove our love for running. Grab your sweatband, pull up your tube socks and get out there!

The Bring Back the Boom Challenge is supported by boom RUNNING, a brand of running lifestyle apparel that is inspired by the original running boom.
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