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Join MORE Than Sport and to support victims of the Nepalese earthquake.

Challenge Ended: June 30, 2015
Visit MORE Than Sport to support Nepalese earthquake relief.

There’s solidarity among those who love to climb. On a bike or on foot, we feel at home in the mountains. We understand each other, at least a little.   

That’s why we’re adjusting our monthly Climbing Challenge to draw attention to Nepal, where many of our fellow climbers, and those who support them, are suffering in the aftermath of devastating earthquakes. Here’s the plan:
  1. Join the Climb for Nepal Challenge. Climb 8,848 meters (29,029 feet), the height of Mt. Everest, over the course of the month. Tell your riding partners and friends why you’re out climbing so much. Share your climbing workouts on your social feeds. Spread the word.
  2. Visit MORE Than Sport  and donate what you can to Nepalese earthquake relief.
Riders who climb 8,848 meters will receive a digital finisher's badge and be eligible to purchase the custom-designed jersey. Strava will donate all profits from June Climbing Challenge jersey sales to disaster relief in Nepal through MORE Than Sport.

We especially applaud “Everesting” attempts – climbing all 8,848 meters in one day – to draw attention to this great need. Believe us, people will notice a gang of riders riding up and down a hill all day long. They’ll stop and ask questions, and you can tell them why you’re inspired to climb so high in one shot. All Strava cyclists who complete this incredible feat will also get a limited-edition titanium medallion, courtesy of Hells 500. (If you complete this huge challenge, redeem here. )

Join the Challenge today and start climbing for Nepal.
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