CTS Bucket List Challenge

Climb 39,577 feet (12,063m) in 14 days.

Challenge Ended: August 31, 2014
This August sixteen teams of the world’s top cyclists will take on the thin mountain air of Colorado to race in this summer’s major US stage race: The USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

The USAPCC is a race that favors the climbers, with lung-busting ascents of high mountain passes. Even the valleys between some of the mountains are at higher elevations than the highest summits in the Tour de France. And the race’s only time trial? Yeah, it’s 16km up Vail Pass with 1532 feet (467 meters) of elevation gain.

CTS and Strava are Challenging you to go out and climb the same total elevation gain as the pros, but we’re giving you one extra week to get it done.

CTS will be out there climbing with you, too. During the USAPCC CTS will be leading a team of 20 amateur cyclists as they ride every stage of the Colorado race. One of the events on the CTS Epic Endurance Bucket List, the CTS Team will start each stage with a head start on the pros, but they’ll only reach the finish line if they work together and ride fast enough to stay ahead of the peloton.

Do you have what it takes to climb 39,577 feet (12,063 meters) between August 18th and August 31st? Prove your love of climbing and give your training a serious boost by summiting as many mountains and doing as many hill repeats as necessary to earn the Challenge finishers badge.
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