CTS Bucket List Challenge

Ride the full distance of Colorado’s major stage race in 7 days.

Challenge Ended: August 26, 2012
Sixteen teams of the world’s best cyclists – as well as a CTS Bucket List Team of Athletes and Coaches - are getting ready to take on the thin mountain air from August 20-26 for this summer’s major stage race in Colorado. They will have to ride 683 miles in 7 days to complete the race, and, and if you can ride the same distance – 683 miles total – between August 20 and August 26, you’ll earn your Finisher’s badge and commemorative patch.

And while you’re pounding out the miles, Chris Carmichael (Founder and Head Coach of Carmichael Training Systems) will be leading a team of 20 amateur cyclists as they ride every stage of the Colorado race. One of the events on the CTS Epic Endurance Bucket List, the CTS Team will start each stage with a head start on the pros, but they’ll only reach the finish line if they work together and ride fast enough to stay ahead of the peloton! And they’ll be posting their data on Strava just like you.

You’ll be awarded online badges to recognize your progress, and athletes who finish the entire Challenge will earn not only a Finisher’s badge, but also a commemorative patch and some serious bragging rights.

Note: Manual or indoor trainer/roller entries will not count towards your Challenge effort. If you have any questions about the Challenge or your results, please email support@strava.com, or visit the Strava Customer Support site.

Good luck and get to it cyclists!
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