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CTS Bucket List Challenge

Ride 574 miles in two weeks.

Challenge Ended: September 1, 2013
This August, sixteen teams of the world’s top cyclists will take on the thin mountain air of Colorado to race a total of 574 miles (924 km) in this summer’s major US stage race; The USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

In addition to the pros, Chris Carmichael (Founder and Head Coach of Carmichael Training Systems) will be leading a team of amateur cyclists as they ride every stage of the Colorado race. As one of the events on the CTS Epic Endurance Bucket List, the CTS Team will start each stage with a head start on the pros, but they’ll only reach the finish line if they work together and ride fast enough to stay ahead of the peloton.

CTS and Strava are Challenging you to put in the miles and complete the same distance as these professional (and amateur) cyclists, but we're giving you one extra week to get the miles in. Complete the Challenge in fourteen days and you will earn a digital finishers badge, as well as access to premium CTS training video downloads.

Riders looking for a more difficult challenge can try to match the pros and CTS athletes pedal for pedal by completing the Challenge in the first seven days (Aug 19th-25th). Doing this will get you some serious bragging rights, as well as access to additional premium CTS training video downloads.
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