2020 Vertical World Circuit Harukas Skyrun Beyond

Climb, defy gravity and reach space!

Challenge Ended: November 23, 2020
Yokomori presents HARUKAS SKYRUN BEYOND Challenge

Join HARUKAS SKYRUN BEYOND and be a part of the virtual running project hosted by Harukas Skyrun.

Held in Japan's highest skyscraper "Abeno Harukas" in Osaka, Harukas Skyrun is one of the races that make up the Vertical World Circuit - a series of urban climbing races held on the staircases of skyscrapers in cities around the world including London, Paris, New York, Dubai, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

This year's race has unfortunately been cancelled due to COVID-19, but Harukas Skyrun is still encouraging fellow athletes to have fun and connect with each other through this project.

The goal of this challenge is to have each participant run and achieve a cumulative elevation goal of 1500m (5x the height of Abeno Harukas) between November 8 to November 23, with the ambition of reaching the boundary to outer space (about 100km from sea level) with all of our collective efforts.

All finishers of the challenge will receive a digital badge for your Strava trophy case. Challenge finishers living in Japan will have a chance to participate in a lottery to win supplementary prizes!

Let's get physically and mentally fired up, climb together and reach sky high!

  • 18,246
  • 11,526,006
    Total Meters Climbed
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