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HOKA ONE ONE’s Demand More Vertical Challenge

How many vertical meters can you run in just ten days?

Challenge Ended: November 4, 2013
For ultra runners, a marathon is just a warmup, and gaining elevation while running over diverse terrain is normal. Why not demand more of yourself and strive to cover some of the same distances and elevation changes that ultra runners experience?

HOKA ONE ONE and Strava are challenging you to get out and run as many vertical meters as you can between October 26th and November 4th.

Crank out some miles on your way to a scenic overlook. Challenge your training schedule by scheduling more hill workouts. Don’t be vertically challenged…challenge the vertical. Go bigger, demand more.

There are four milestone badges to be earned as part of the Challenge, each representing the equivalent of a 1,000 meter mountain. How many badges will you collect in just 10 days?
  • 4,582
  • 3,898,518
    Total Meters Climbed
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