Red Bull Kop over Kop

Challenge yourself to ride 100km

Challenge Ended: September 22, 2018
Red Bull challenges riders to complete 100km in honor of the 4th edition of Red Bull Kop over Kop. The reversed time trial event, in which sprinters and stoempers need each other to cycle 100 km 'kop over kop', takes place on the 7th of October in Drenthe.

In honor of the event - and perhaps even to train for it - Red Bull challenges you to ride 100km. You can do this in one go and aim for your best time yet, or split up the distance as you like.

Kop over Kop has a role for everyone, with each team composed of five men and / or women, in five different roles and with five different characters: De Kopman, De Stoemper, De Klimmer, De Meesterknecht, and De Sprinter. The first biker starts alone in the first section, with a new teammate joining him every 20km. So whatever your riding specialty, there's a role for you in Kop over Kop. Get on your bike - ready, set, go!

Want to learn more about Red Bull Kop over Kop and sign up for the event? Check out the event page and join the Kop over Kop Strava club.
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