lululemon re:pair – Central Park

Run with others to earn recovery rewards

Challenge Ended: November 5, 2019
Enjoy the benefits of running together more often by joining the lululemon re:pair challenge. Run this segment with at least one other friend and earn points for the re:pair challenge. Spend your miles together, and redeem points for premium recovery experiences at the re:pair lab, lululemon's SoHo run house.

Here's how it works:
1. Run the Central Park segment with a friend (or friends) and record it on Strava.
2. Your miles ran with others get converted to recovery points. The number of friends you run with act as a multiplier to give you even more points. If your activity doesn't automatically tag the partner(s) you ran with, manually add them on the activity so that lululemon can see you have run with others.

3. Head to to see how many points you have unlocked and to learn about lululemon's run club schedule and upcoming events.
4. Go to the re:pair lab in Soho, 125 Prince St, NY, NY, to redeem your points for recovery experiences.
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