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lululemon SeaWheeze Challenge

Run 3,000,000 km as a global team in 31 days

Challenge Ended: August 15, 2015
Strava and lululemon are bringing our athletes together for one massive Community Challenge. During the month leading up to the SeaWheeze Half Marathon, a beautiful annual race just outside lululemon’s global HQ, let’s band together and train. It’ll be good prep for the SeaWheeze, or for an upcoming race in your neighborhood, or just a nice excuse to have fun and get a little stronger. 

The Challenge is to collectively run 3,000,000 km in 31 days. You’ll earn digital milestone badges at 25 km increments, all the way up to 125 km. If you get that far – the same as six half marathons in one month – you’ll get a finisher’s badge for your Strava profile. 

The more people join the Challenge and put in big miles, the sooner we’ll hit this goal. So bring a friend and get going. We have three million k’s to go!
  • 31,759
  • 3,264,704
    Total Kilometers Run
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