lululemon SeaWheeze Challenge

Collectively run 1,279,000 km in 31 days.

Challenge Ended: August 23, 2014
During the buildup to the SeaWheeze Half Marathon, Strava and lululemon are challenging you (and the rest of our combined global communities) to come together as a team to collectively run 1,279,000 kilometers in 31 days.

That’s equivalent to 1,000 times the distance between our headquarters in San Francisco and Vancouver!

There are badges to be earned at half marathon increments, all the way up to 105.5km. The more you run, the more badges you earn.

Whether you go for one badge or all five, make sure you rally your friends and contribute some kilometers towards the shared team goal.

What’s SeaWheeze? Some would call it a half marathon, but lululemon prefers to call it It’s a chance to get your yoga on, crush your running goals, and celebrate it all with family and friends at an outdoor concert. Learn more about SeaWheeze here.

Unable to make it to Vancouver on race day? Join the event in spirit by completing your own half marathon on August 23rd. During the 31 days make sure you're spending time on your mat to recover and rebuild (check out the 2014 SeaWheeze yoga practice video). Yoga and Running, a match made in heaven!
  • 27,187
  • 2,177,426
    Total Kilometers Run
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