Mammut x Camp Strava

Hit the trail with the Mammut crew and win some cool ultra light gear.

Challenge Ended: May 17, 2023

Hey Campers! Let's meet up for a morning trail run with Mammut.

If you join the challenge and run the whole segment with us, you'll receive some fresh Mammut trail gear inspired by the mountain brand's new 100% decarbonized trail running collection.

Are you in?

Also, don't forget to join the Mammut club and check out Mammut's ultralight zero-carbon footprint trail running collection and their partnership with the carbon removal pioneer, Climeworks, via the links below:
Mammut Trail Running
The Mammut Club on Strava

  • 2,531
  • 48
    Total attempts
  • 1.5 km
  • 103 m
    Elevation Gain
  • 7%
    Avg Grade