Mammut x Sport Schuster Race to Net Zero Munich

Run this segment to help us remove CO₂ from the air

Challenge Ended: May 31, 2023
If we run 10,000,000km together this May, Climeworks will remove 10 tons of CO₂ from the air so it can't contribute to climate change anymore.

That's real climate action!

And if you run this segment between May 1st and May 31st, 2023, you'll earn a free Mammut Speed Cup when you visit the Sport Schuster store in Munich and show your badge at the counter.

You can find the store location below:
Sport Schuster - Munich

But how can we remove CO₂? And why are we running for it?

The fact is nature can't do it alone anymore. We also need technology to reduce emissions in the fight against climate change. That's why Mammut is collaborating with the carbon removal pioneer, Climeworks, whose "Direct Air Capture" technology removes CO₂ from the air to be then safely stored deep underground, where it mineralizes and turns into rock permanently.

And this May, as part of the Mammut Race to Net Zero challenge, if you and all your friends each run a minimum of 100km, we can reach 10,000,000km together, and Climeworks will remove 10 tons of CO₂.

What do you say? Are you in?

To get you motivated, Mammut has planned local running meet-ups where you can connect with other runners and test the new 100% decarbonized trail running collection.

Also, as a reward for running 100km and completing the challenge, you'll get a 20% discount off Mammut gear AND a 20% discount for CO₂ removal on - PLUS, you'll be entered for the chance to win one of five of Mammut trail running outfits.

Let's go further, together!

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