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Mizuno Mt. Fuji Challenge

Run 80 miles in 16 days.

Challenge Ended: September 22, 2013
Mt. Fuji is more than just the highest, most dramatic peak in Japan – it is seen as a source of strength. Just as ancient samurai warriors drew strength from the mountain to complete their rigorous training rituals, so too can you.

So to celebrate nature’s power to transform daily running into sensational running, Mizuno and Strava are issuing a 16-day challenge to “conquer the mountain” by running 80 total miles (Mt. Fuji is 78 miles around and 2 miles up). Milestone badges will be rewarded every twenty miles, and as always, running with your samurai sword is optional.

Can you reach new running heights? The mountain is waiting.
  • 7,717
  • 304,389
    Total Miles Run
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