The New Balance Miles for Pizza Challenge

Exchange your hard earned miles for pizza

Challenge Ended: November 4, 2019
This year, New Balance made the TCS New York City Marathon a little more epic. Join this 100-mile training challenge and start earning miles that can be exchanged for pizza. Yes-pizza.

Even if you're not running in the big race, this challenge is for you. There are 6 different distances for runners of all kinds to complete, so you don't even have to run the full 100 miles to start earning slices.

It's simple, the more you run-the more slices you earn.

Just join the challenge and immediately start earning. Then visit us at the New Balance Pizza Co. (47 East 34th St.) in the heart of NYC to trade your miles for slices. There will also be beer and free swag, so bring your fellow runners and friends to celebrate your achievements.

Visit the website below for New Balance Pizza Co. dates and times.

To get inspiration from runners training for the race, go to @newbalancerunning on Instagram. Join our running club on Strava at New Balance Run Club and gear up for your training at
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