The Paris-Brest-Paris Challenge

Ride 1,200 km in the randonnée spirit

Challenge Ended: August 31, 2015
Paris-Brest-Paris epitomizes the classic randonée – a massive 1,200 km ride over the course of four days, rooted deeply in history, self-supported with no official stages or rests. A few madmen race from Paris to the Atlantic and back, but most go on a more humble journey of the body and mind. It’s an adventure that’s been undertaken by countless cyclists since the ride’s first edition in 1891. 

Your challenge is a similar 1,200 km randonée, either all at once, over four days like PBP, or the whole month of August. How you break up the distance is up to you. But in the vein of of the event, go at your own pace, self-reliant and free-spirited. July is cycling’s biggest month of racing, but August is all about the ride… enjoy it.  

Finishers receive a finisher’s-only badge to display in their Strava profile. And while we can’t ship one your way, we suggest celebrating Challenge completion with a Paris Brest, the super-rich French pastry named after the event. 
  • 67,226
  • 50,049,764
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