PowerBar Take on the Tour

Ride 1,680 kilometers in 33 days

Challenge Ended: July 31, 2013
Known simply as 'Le Tour', the Tour de France is a race that, for 23 days each year, turns the entire world into cycling fans. In countries like the US, it allows serious year-round fans to talk as if it were baseball. Even if it's only for 23 days each year, it's still refreshing to talk about riders like Tony Martin or Matthew Goss with people other than your riding buddies.

To celebrate this amazing race and ensure you spend as much time riding outdoors than you do watching each day's stage, Strava and PowerBar are challenging you to ride half the distance of the 2013 Tour de France in 33 days. This 1,680 kilometer Challenge starts on the first day of the race (June 29th) and ends ten days after the winner is crowned (July 31st).

There are four achievements to be earned as part of this Challenge; each inspired by the race's classification jerseys. Which ones will you go after?
  • 42,668
  • 31,373,268
    Total Kilometers Ridden
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