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Project 1:59

Run a sub two-hour half marathon this season.

Challenge Ended: May 31, 2018
Join runners around the world to beat one of the big hurdles in distance running – the sub-2:00 half marathon.

Together with the Project 1:59 Club on Strava, we’re bringing runners together to share tips and tricks and get this baby done. And, when you join this challenge, we’ll send you a training plan (in English) created by Olympian and Strava Pro Kara Goucher. Join the challenge, join the Project 1:59 Club, get Kara's exclusive training plan and go break two!

You must complete 13.1 miles in a single activity of 2:00 or less in order to complete the Challenge. The total elapsed time of the activity must be 13.1 miles in 2:00 or less to earn the badge.

For more details about Project 1:59 and the community of runners going after this big goal, learn more on the Strava blog.
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