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Generate some watts and cover 100 miles in one ride.

Challenge Ended: February 24, 2013
Time to call on that fitness you developed during last month's Base Mile Blast because Quarq is challenging you to cover 100 miles in one ride!

Whether or not you use a power meter or take advantage of our Premium features like Advanced Power Training Analysis or Segment Intensity Score , we want you to get out there and generate some watts*.

You have a three day window from February 22nd-24th to get those 100 miles in, but it has to be done in one single ride with an elapsed time under 24 hours.

If you're up for the Challenge, rally some friends and enjoy a big day out there on the road (or the trails)!
*For those who do not ride with a power meter, we still provide an estimated power calculation. To ensure the most accurate estimation possible, make sure to enter your personal weight and bike weight in your Account Settings. To learn more about our power calculations, view this Knowledge Base article.
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