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 Rapha #MYHOUR Challenge 徽标

Rapha #MYHOUR Challenge

Show your support for Bradley Wiggins and cycling’s ultimate test.

挑战结束日期: 2015年6月7日
On Sunday the 7th June, Sir Bradley Wiggins will have his turn at the famous Hour Record. He’s aiming to stand among giants of cycling like Coppi, Anquetil and Merckx by setting a new record that won’t be bested for a long, long time. 

Show your support for Wiggins and this legendary race by riding an hour of your own in the week preceding the event. 

This Challenge won’t have a leaderboard of top speeds and distances… we want everyone coming home safe. The Rapha #MYHOUR Challenge is about bringing together different kinds of cyclists from around the globe, all celebrating our sport and demonstrating to Wiggins that he has the whole world behind him. 

Go for a one-hour spin this week as a chapeau to Wiggins and be sure to tune in on Sunday. All finishers will receive a unique Rapha-designed Team Wiggins digital badge to commemorate their ride. 
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