Rapha Rising: Three Ranges

Climb 8,800 meters (28,871ft) in nine days.

Challenge Ended: July 27, 2014
Now in its third year, Rapha Rising is back, challenging riders to climb 8,800m in nine days.

For this year’s Challenge, we have taken the ascents of three stages of the world’s greatest race, one from each week. The professional peloton will be racing through the rolling Yorkshire Dales, the lengthy slopes of the Alps, and the barbaric gradients of the Pyrenees. The combined elevation of our chosen stages is a mighty 8,800m (28,871ft), and we have set a time limit of nine days for our challengers to climb it. 

As in the previous years of the Challenge, riders can share their progress through Strava and with the hashtag #RaphaRising.

Rapha Rising is a Challenge that celebrates July riding, pushing your boundaries, and seeking out the road less travelled.
  • 43,162
  • 149,461,496
    Total Meters Climbed
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