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Running Week 2019 -10K Challenge-

Run 10K in 9 days and get into the groove of running!

Challenge Ended: June 9, 2019
To celebrate Global Running Day, a day marked by the International Association of Athletics Federations, Running Week 2019 will be held for 9 days from June 1~9 with a series of running-related events for runners in Japan - especially those in Shibuya Ward.

We've also created a challenge on Strava that anyone can join.

The Challenge: Run 10km in 9 days.

You can choose to complete it in one go, or accumulate the distance over the course of 9 days - if you haven't gone out on a run in a while, why not use this Challenge as a reason to put on your trainers!

All finishers of the Challenge will receive a digital finisher's badge to go on to their Strava profiles.

For runners in Shibuya
Here's a fun 10K segment for you. Follow this course that takes you around the key locations of Shibuya, and you'll find yourself spelling out "RUN" on the map!

10K is not enough for you? Not to worry - we've got another one for you. Check out this Challenge page for our 42.195km Challenge, where you are challenged to run a full marathon distance over the course of 9 days. Join the Challenge and happy running!
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